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Shounen Hakaryuudo

Alt Names: alt 少年羽狩人alt Feather Boy Hunter
Author: KIKUTA Yui
Artist: KIKUTA Yui
Genres: Adventure AdventureDrama DramaFantasy FantasyJosei Josei
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Ciel is a member of the 'fairy-wing conservation group' - an organization that protects fairies from hunters who try to hunt for them for their wings, which are said to bring the possessor eternal happiness. Ren is a precocious but immature fairy-wing hunter with a tormented past and a grudge to satiate. The encounter between these two will open the doors to a tale interwoven with fate.
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Btw this series has been completed by Shojo Sense, and you can read it on their website and reader. I believe they don't allow uploads on any site, so it probably won't appear here.  

Wonder if this has since been scanlated further and if not, whatever happened...? Strangely, though the dialogue and many other things are kind of wobbly, I'd really like to see this story to its end. : ) It's like, there's so much development in the author's weak points through the length of what is already here, it makes me curious of the rest...

Needs more yaoi tags...

it seems like i randomly stumbled upon Josei whatever the hell that might be ugh i guess whatever floats their genre boats..~

Cool, let hunt some fairies, cut off their wings and sell them! We will be rich!
Josei and Seinen are in esence the same; seinen is headed towards a male audience and josei to a female one.
um even thou i dont read josei.whats the diffenrence diff this and seinen.(as i though of this as seinen).

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