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Silver Diamond

Alt Names: alt シルバーダイヤモンドalt 銀色鑽石alt 银色钻石alt S♢alt SD
Author: Sugiura Shiho
Artist: Sugiura Shiho
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureComedy ComedyDrama DramaFantasy FantasyMystery MysteryShoujo ShoujoShounen Ai Shounen AiSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Rakan lives alone, and the plants in his garden grow so thick and fast that it seems like a jungle. One day a man, holding a gun made of wood, falls right down into his garden. He seems to come from another world, and he's searching for someone who can bring back the green into his own dark and inhospitable world.
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this is AMAZING

read it


I swear you'll have

No regrets

Props to Hoshiminokoto for his incredible attention span.

Nooooo! It ended! Ugh, having both this and koori finished is too much to handle T-T

Sugiura Shiho-sensei is super amazing, and thanks to Amato Empire for completing this wonderful story  :D

Still a freaking masterpiece of a gay epic. :'3 Viva BL subtext-heavy shoujo manga!

ç_ç oh crap, I need more tissues

I like how the mangaka has devised all these other methods for the characters to communicate and know what's going on, in order to compensate for the lack of technology. The special sight and the birds makes it so that after each revelation we get to see the reactions of all the characters, not just the two MCs.


(It can get tedious sometimes, but I still thought it was a pretty clever plot device.)

I like batoto more then any other, and I search for other only if a manga is that addictive to drive me to that decision, orriginaly I started reading at mangafox  and I rearly return cause it`s so messy to deal with 

how to connect chapters 27 -45? 

You can read them on other manga reading sites.

how to connect chapters 27 -45? 

i really like this one, the atmosphere is nice

More, more, then MORE Silver Diamond!  You guys rock, thanks a lot!

Thank you, Amato Empire, for consenting to come to Batoto!

Wow, I didn't expect this to be here.
I love this author Sugiura Shiho
This manga is very much recommended, its hard to explain the charm in it but its definitely not your typical manga. Sugiura sensei style really breathes life into these characters and have the world unfolds before it.
I agree, this is a great interesting story! I wish I could buy it, too! Still waiting for my country to catch up to the quantity of mangas available.
Yea...The story seemed unique enough to grab my attention. I am not into Shounen Ai, but I believe that this is a story that many will find interesting enough to start reading, regardless of whether or not you are into the genre or not. From what I've read, there seems to be a little bit of a debate concerning this topic, but whatever, I liked what I've read so far.

The rest of the chapters are scanlated by Storm in Heaven and are not allowed on Batoto. Tokyopop discontinued this manga after volume 9, but was later picked up by the group Silvery Storm. They translated till volume 14 I believe, and they too, do not allowed their scans to be uploaded anywhere else. You can find volumes 10 and above at their site.
this is an interesting manga
buy it, like i did

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