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Soushokukei Ism

Alt Names: alt 草食系イズムalt Soushokukei Izumualt Soushokukei-ismalt Soushokukeiismalt Veganismalt Vegetarianism
Author: Watanabe Nana
Artist: Watanabe Nana
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: What happens when a girl and an eccentric student council president happen to meet?! A youthful love comedy between an abnormal boy and girl!
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tehe i liked it <3 

well that sucks that that was the last chapter. I was expecting it to go for a while. this makes me a sad polar bear
WTF!? Only 5 chapters?
You're welcome dear? >/////////////<
Gosh, you didnt have to put my name on the last page... I really liked working on this and I hope to get to read more series of this awesome author. Watanabe-sensei, unfortunately, was limited to a single tankouban because of contractual reasons. It makes me wonder what would have happened if this awesome story would have been longer or maybe another magazine would had take release it.

So keep your eyes on her, because her future is bright!
Wow. Ended so abruptly. I was enjoyin it too T.T
What kind of end of chapter is that huh??????
Maka in that Polarbear suit was freaking adorable!!!
Wah polar bear-chan is cute <3
he's going to be... REBORNED!
He has....GRASSCANCER!!!!!!!!!! cancer that shit is everywhere.
He has....GRASSCANCER!!!!!!!!!! cancer that shit is everywhere.
What... From the last page in chapter 2, I thought Shinobu was going to be something of a player.
But in chapter 3, he's 100% devoted...to a mannequin. My god, he's so sensitive and funny. Kind of disappointed that Shinobu's problem isn't resolved, though. Mitsu is also hilarious.
This series takes shoujo slapstick to the next level. It's like every joke you ever liked in a shoujo manga going one step further.
Surprised this wasn't tagged as "Comedy" earlier, because it's definitely a rom-com.

This one's apparently for the shoujo demographic (it ran in Blade a, but there were a few shounen titles in Blade a, too..) but the tones and background make it seem almost shounen-ish.

Yamamoto (the student council prez) is hilarious. And I look forward to learning about Shinobu.
Man just when I thought there's going to be a cute bad-girl vice prez.

AHHAHA I can't stop laugh my ass off xD
This chapter only has gender-bender. It doesn't apply to the manga.
Posted Image
Like. Followed.
Would ya'll call this gender-bender because of Jun? Not main character though, so i'm not sure that the tag applies.
@Sexy Seta: just as you say
Where's Gender Bender Tag ?
MMMmmmm grass hot pot.....
Mm. There will be a new chapter this month ^_^

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