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Stardust Wink

Alt Names: alt 媚力男孩梦恋曲alt スターダスト・ウインクalt 星尘☆眨眼
Author: Haruta Nana
Artist: Haruta Nana
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: I’m Anna. I’m fourteen years old and I’ve just entered the ninth grade. Sou and Hinata, who live in the same apartment complex as me, are my childhood friends and we’re all the same age. I thought that from now on we’d become even closer friends, but then Sou suddenly did that to me…!!
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Such commitment!

Wondered about the status of this manga, since I vaguely remember what happened in the most recent scanlated chapter--if it was still ongoing or already complete.


One year has passed since the last update *sniff*

Warning!  Warning!  Yandere alert!

Sou, Sou, Sou, I love you so much (after chapter 38)!  You just made every single Stardust Wink reader very happy!  Now smack her around until she likes it. ;)

poor dumb sou, wasting his face, who cares about anna, you can just have a relationship with Ayane, Sou x Ayane ftw, i don't even like anna personality, she's not worth it for you Sou.

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I just don't know how I feel about this series anymore?////

Everything is so weird now and all the relations are a tangled mess. And now MARI LIKE NO HOW ABOUT NO WITH YOUR WHINING YOU ARE A TEACHER GET IT TOGETHER

And Hinata(white haired) needs to make up his dumb mind is her gonna go with Anna or Mari ahhhHHHH

But honestly Anna just go out with Hinata (black haired) please pLEASE HE IS OBVIOUS BEST OPTION


I don't know what's happening anymore since that Mari-sensei came in the stroy and ruined it.

I'm just following this to see how it ends. I'm not sure I like this manga anymore :( 
I'm not sure I ever liked this manga but somehow I just want to know how it ends.

I don't think this is great and all, what with some directions that I wouldn't go to if I wrote this, but I find it exciting and juvenile. It feels right.


My main complaint is the characters looking older than they are.

The main merit would be the art.

I can't tell if I'm tired or if this just makes no fucking sense - probably both.


I also can't decide whether I hate or love Mari. She's so creepy that it's entertaining.


Hinata v1 is probably who I prefer even if he went full retard about half-way through. I don't think Anna is that awful. She's supposed to be around 15 and she constantly considers other peoples feelings and calls herself out for being a dick.

please someone kill mari-sensei really.....she is just the most annoying character ever.


 tbh i really want Sou x Anna end... Hinata just doesn't have much character.


also...i kinda hope somehow kamishiro and rin are together ( since we dont know who their boyfriend/girlfriend is), I wonder if we ever find out.

HNNG, the manly feels! >_<;

I just dont know why I keep reading this manga, I hate everyone in it.

Sou and Hinata's relationship is a better love story than either of them with Anna. Seriously.


Personally I thought Anna will get together with the other Hinata, because there were some flags set up between them (that encounter during entrance exam, same name with the guy who broke her heart), it will give Anna more character development and an unconventional solution to a love triangle (how many shojo have the girl choose neither of the two guys and instead fall in love with a different guy completely?). But I guess that was too much to ask.

Of course...

........................................ -_-

No way. Seriously?! 

Holy shit.

Somehow I just don't like any of the characters in this manga. 





Down with Mari-sensei!!

@Unrequited I know, but it wasn't when I wrote the comment^^

By the way, I was very disappointed. What a rushed ending...

I also wanted to add that the editor did an amazing job on the chapters (especially the 33th). When I compare it to the shitty french version (for which the editors are PAID), it just makes me wanna cry. A lot.  <_< 

Read the whole thing today after I spotted the 2 new chapters.


What an indecisive heroine, the only reason I could read all of this without killing myself in the process is because I marathoned  it a sunday when I have nothing to do.


This whole sensei thing is kind of annoying due to the fact the author isn't giving us the answer as to why Mari has so much influence on Hinata.


I feel like this whole thing is so overhyped that it's going to be a letdown when it will be revealed. Hope I'm wrong, seems like the manga is completed so don't spoil me you guys.


Also, that older guy with the childhood friend Rin ( in the extras ). What a wimp.


Should of chased her and made his point, annoying little sister.

arghh she reappeared!!!


@Micky the manga's finished in Japan

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