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Suki Natsuki Koi

Alt Names: alt 初恋泪滴alt スキ泣キコイalt Suki Naki Koi
Author: Kyoumachi Hisa
Artist: Kyoumachi Hisa
Genres: Drama DramaRomance RomanceShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: She was always looking at him after school. Just seeing him was bringing her happiness. However a terrible future was waiting for her. But at that time she didn't know anything about it.
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Mi chiamo Andrea, io appartengo a un fandub(http://otakus-a-f-u-l-l.blogspot.com.ar) spagnolo. li ha scritto per chiedere il permesso di utilizzare le scansioni di alcune sue maniche.Tra di loro questo manga.
Naturalmente grax per la comprensione.
Attendo vostra risposta.(fans_a_n_i_m_e@yahoo.com.ar)
Scusate la mia redazione, sto ancora imparando questa lingua.

carino...ma personaggi poco sviluppati e fine scontata..


I don't fvcking understand a single french word. <•>w<•>

Yeah it's totally obvious. lol
*bangs head against wall repeatedly* Damn. Why did it have to be made so obvious as to who his crush is. Ugh.
Omg Engrish.. Sank you Chibi manga.
Thanks for putting it out in english, Nya-chaan~! <3 >^.^<

Its cute yet... >T.T<
Eng ver finally out.Enjoy~
being french myself, no problem reading :D
no engrishi?
First time reading in French online and it's a good scanlated one ^^
It's obvious how the story will go tho :(
ahhhhhhh french. I really wanted to read it...
Oh my god I already suspected it, but chapter 2 made it clear. Since they have such a wonderful relationship it's more heart wrenching.
Omg the Art looks so good. Hope this get scanlate into English.
diapers! doesn anyone know french?

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