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Sumire 16-sai!!

Alt Names: alt スミレ16歳!!alt Sumire 16alt Sumire 16 Sai!!alt Sumire 16!!alt Sumire Sixteenalt Сумирэ 16!!
Author: NAGAYOSHI Takeru
Artist: NAGAYOSHI Takeru
Genres: Comedy ComedySchool Life School LifeShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: While bicycling to school her first day as a high school student, Renge Ohyama meets a weird girl who on closer inspection appears to be a life-sized doll--and this is not an advanced robotic creation or even a magical doll. Rather, a scary looking middle aged man controls her movements, puppet-like, and speaks for her via ventriloquism. Unfortunately, this perverted-seeming old man and his doll happen to attend her new school. Even worse, is in the same class and sits right behind her. And it seems the doll wants to be friends?!

Sequel (confirmed in Sumire-16):

> Sumire 17-sai!!
( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/sumire-17-sai-r2424 )
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I can't believe this got canned twice. Despite that, the last two chapters are fucking beautiful.

I can't believe they never explained what the principal's deal is.




*Happy sigh* ...Into a Legend indeed...

absolutely great! touching story thats bizarre with social concerns that make you think.

Bloody beautiful ending. And overall, a very touching and hilarious manga.


My theory on Sumire:

The old man´s deceased daugther. She commited suicide after being bullied in school. So him doing his doll act is both a coping mechanism and a way to help other loners or kids with problems, so they can look back on their past school life with fond memories. The thing his daughter never could.


Or the guy is just coco in the head for all I know. Still, highest rating and would read again.

Goddamn, that ending. There's just something about graduation in manga that really hits you in the feels.

What if real Sumire is old man's deceased daughter?


    I thought so too.  Like maybe he couldn't cope with his loss and he was able to be as he wanted to be with Sumire.  Ruji also seems to have traits that his puppeteer couldn't emulate, which also seem to be from trauma.


The truth only the mangaka knows, and it hurts to never know it.  However, the truth could overshadow Sumire's personality, and I wouldn't want that to happen.  I hope there's enough pieces in the manga to find the truth from the manga and still remember Sumire fondly.

This ending hurts so much, and yet I loved it.

I must be turning into a masochist.

What if real Sumire is old man's deceased daughter?

I honestly thought the premise of this manga sounded pretty stupid at first, but this is pure gold!

My god, this series is probably one of the best I've read in so long. I feel like I say that whenever I find a series I haven't read before, but this is seriously so unique and great that I can't even...

So good. I can't. GAH.

Fucking Godlike Series !!

Wow, that ending is beautiful.





Good thing I manage to come across this and it was awesome XD

This is one of those rare, unique manga that get to you. It does give off the feeling of Angel Densetsu, and I can honestly say that I love everything about it.

That old man is an unsung hero. He's like a volunteer guidance counselor. This is a great manga !! This shows how much an encounter with people can really affect your life..
So amazing, the ending got me really teary eyed too. Recommend this so much.
I got a bit teared up at the end. But, it was funny to finally have an explanation for the "dead eyes" that people had. Sumire will always be Sumire after all.
Wow...just wow! Comedy is on par with Angel Densetsu! Such a good story and I am really sad that it had to end. This is one of my favorites now!
found the ending to be uber depressing.
This is one of the greats. One of the most amazingly funny manga I've ever read. Probably funnier than Angel Densetsu. I'd even say as funny as Yotsuba&!, which is very high praise.
yep! this is awesome!
This is hilarious. Recommended.
Still my all time favourite manga, after all this time.

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