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Alt Names: alt さんらいず!
Author: Fujio Nami
Artist: Fujio Nami
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: From Senpai Scans:
Takamachi Moka has been away from school due to a lung illness for so long, she has to repeat a grade. Stuck in the first year while her friends move on in the second year, she eats lunch alone, until a boy with a cat falls down next to her?!
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It's so beautiful. I don't even need a kiss. This is the kind of quality I've always wanted in romance manga

Why oh why did it have to be completed???


Everything about this manga screamed potential, from the characters, to the plot development, to the relationships - both romantic and platonic, just EVERYTHING.


Some mangas are so aimless that you have to try to find something that interests you so that you can keep reading. Not so with this one. Every single panel was fantastic, from the art, to the story advancement, to the emotional revelations. GUUHHH this could have went on like 8 volumes and I wouldn't have been satisfied.

I expected a kiss but oh well. Still nice to read.

Can someone please tell me why "sunrise" is written in hiragana instead of katakana? It's a foreign name, so shouldn't it be spelled out in katakana? Also please don't get mad at me if it's an obvious answer i barely just finished learned the hiragana alphabet

Short, sweet, and refreshing. Hershey's kisses for your heart. 

i felt it was a bit too short but it may be because i've been reading it since it 1st chapter got uploaded.. it was quite cute and i liked the art style


This was pretty good as far as short romance manga goes. Was never really over dramatic about anything. It all felt really natural and characterization was decent. Might be my 2nd favorite short series; 1st being Clear Color.

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Well story seems nice, only two boys for now, but if its turn to be a boy's harem cliche, more than one boy goes for a girl,


 then im out, not my cup of tea, but for now, ill give it a try


and it better be ending up with the black hair boy, 

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