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Sword Art Online - Material Edition Soushuuhen (Doujinshi)

Alt Names: alt Ceramic Heartalt SAO:MEalt Sword Art Online - Material Editionalt Sword Art Online - Material Editionsalt Sword Art Online dj - Material Editionalt Sword Art Online dj - Material Edition Soushuuhenalt Sword Art Online dj - Material Editionsalt Sword Art Online: Material Editionalt Sword Art Online: Material Editionsalt The Progressers
Author: WordGear (Circle) & KAWAHARA Reki
Artist: WordGear (Circle) & KAWAHARA Reki
Genres: Doujinshi Doujinshi
Type: Other
Status: Complete
Description: Self-published books by Kawahara Reki on Sword Art Online (http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/sword-art-online-r1360), under the pen-name of Kunori Fumio. Mainly contains side stories to complement the series.

Note: Part comic/novel doujinshi.
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Ch.3: Ceramic Heart
tap-trans Tap 22 May 2012 - 11:19 AM
Ch.1: The Progressers
tap-trans Tap 02 June 2012 - 07:03 PM


"Warning: Inappropriate Contact Towards NPC"

*looks carefully at where Kirito's right hand is touching*

Kirito you lolicon you *w*

I do hope that more of the side stories will be translated.
ME2 is actually a compilation of character profiles in picture form, so it's possible to post them here once they are all translated.

Well.. it's not like I can decide it though...
Always did want to see the fight between the two that was mentioned in the LN, but I don't think this did it justice. Still, was nice.
i love the fact that the author included the (these two get married in about 8 months from this scene) tidbit. it made my day.
Kawahara Reki should've asked abec to illustrate the doujins :x
Except chapter 2 which is kinda in manga format. It's just early character designs though.

There's only a chapter 1 and a chapter 3??

As stated earlier, those are the only two Material Edition chapters in manga format. The others are in novel format.
@ Tap:
There's only a chapter 1 and a chapter 3??
AAwwww marriage
And with this, the comic parts of the material editions are done.
I'll mark the comic as complete, seeing as novels aren't uploaded here.

I'm sort of confused with this...guess I'll reread it when chapter 1 and 2 comes out

@Cydric You actually need to have read the "Morning dew girl" chapter of the 2nd novel to understand most of this chapter, and volumes 3 and 4 to understand it fully (but these are not really required for this story).
there is no relation between the chapters as each one is a complement to the main story
I'm sort of confused with this...guess I'll reread it when chapter 1 and 2 comes out
aww, how cute *-* yui rules
actually I have a feeling this is Kawahara's Idea for SAO the gist of it and then just developed the idea for the published novels since the original chapters were basically web novels to begin with
It's as Tap said. These are just extras that the author came up with, and only ME1 and ME3 have a manga format. The forms of some of the others are short stories in words, and some are just a page or two with a rough sketch/diagram or something or other.
And reading this without knowing or having read the original series doesn't work too well.
The SAO:ME series are comics and novels self-published by him.
Aside from ME1 and ME3, the rest are all novels (short stories).
ME1 and ME3 are not linked to each other, so it's not possible to read out of sequence.
(For the translated novels, search Baka-Tsuki)
this chapter 3 is kind of weird in itself.
it's a bit wierd to start from the 3th chapter

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