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Taiyou no Romance

Alt Names: alt 太陽のロマンス
Author: Yamakami Riyu
Artist: Yamakami Riyu
Genres: Drama DramaSupernatural SupernaturalYaoi Yaoi
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Motoki was originally an ordinary guy with an ordinary life. Soon, however, Motoki starts noticing that things are changing in himself and his surroundings. His bad eyesight is cured, and suddenly he becomes prettier. As if in response to this mysterious change, two strange men appear in class, Shidou and Kubota. His classmates tell him that they have always been there, but he has no recollection of them. Then he finds out that both of them are after his life, and planning on "devouring his heart."
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Vol.3 Ch.12 Read Online
Sweet Yaoi Fansub Loveless A week ago
Vol.2 Ch.6 Read Online
Appassionato Loveless 6 days ago

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Almost on par with the chapters released, and I gotta say it's definitely worth a read!

I keep imagining this world's god coming back to check in on the the clan after taking a nap for a few thousand years, and being like:

Anyway, it's good fun. Really cheesy and melodramatic, but it hops along at a good pace, and there's so much time spent on pretty guys being pretty at each other. Can't complain, really.

I really like the bad guys in this one :) 

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