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Alt Names: alt タカマガハラalt Takama-ga-hara
Author: Kawai Juzou
Artist: Kawai Juzou
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyMartial Arts Martial ArtsSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Inside of every human lie dormant superpowers. Our main characters is one of the 5 yamada brothers, who are known for their brutal strength. Even though his brothers are strong and seek strength, he, Yamato, has no interest in seeking strength. Yamato wants to draw manga. Later on, his normal life will end on that day by him awakening his hidden dormant divine gift.
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At least I gained a new fetish I suppose.


Girls in gakurans. Pretty nice.

Eh. It had some pretty decent elements, but I can definitely see why it was canceled. Sad, but it probably wouldn't be very good anytime soon.

I liked it sad to see it go... especially with the whole gender bending childhood friend thing. That would have been amazingly weird and yet so amusing at the same time.

Could have been a good series, sad to see it get axe'd, but im very grateful to the author for giving a decent ending, and not another MX0.

So the love interest can change into a guy... wouldn't that be uncomfortable after a while
would've been better as a gag manga with some fighting elements. I liked the premise of him being an aspiring but fail manga artist rather than being a fight-crazy dude like his brothers
Yes.... Yes they did.
Wait. Did they just introduce the antagonist in the final chapter?
Well, nothing new here. But I liked the art though.
The reason why it was axed was because it was completely cliche. It had little to no originality, unlike Medaka Box regardless of what anyone says. This sort of half-assed manga is great for a read for when you're bored, but I personally couldn't see this going anywhere good.
well I knew the final chapter would be shit when I saw the page count. this manga was kinda weak, but there was definitely potential.
I liked this Manga it would have been nice if it could have had a longer run. Maybe it could get a reboot
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
R.I.P. a series that did not live long enough to show us where it was going
this had so much potential, but alas jump decided to screw it over and axe it.... could've been good and showed potential.... maybe it could've gotten big....but they never even properly explained the main characters power by the end
Thanks, Jump, for the let down.
Yay... A rush to the dead...
well the story was weak, the characters was weak, and there were major flaws but nothing i haven't seen in many good series that are 50+ chapters long. this manga had potential but was cut down before it could get moving. i have a feeling that this could have easily gone on for a few years if it had survived long enough to pick up. hell at worst this would have become a second bleach.
I liked this manga and really thought there was room for character development done well. Disappointing it ended so suddenly, felt like psyren... T-T
I agree there are some mangas that deserve to be axed more than this one, but at least in my opinion it wasn't a mistake to cancel this.
Finally over. I knew from the start it was going to be dropped, the art is bad and the story is weak, no big plot, no good character development... I'm actually happy to see this ending early.
tbh this manga wasn't so great...

still, it'd probably have kept going for a couple volumes more if it wasn't run on jump >_>
another golden egg that was turned into an omelet. jump your starting to get as bad as korea in the axing department. not quite there yet but only a matter of time before you just up and cancel a series and not even let there be an ending. man you guys at jump need to start a second weekly publication so you don't have to ax series before they have time to bloom.
@search Wait what, Medaka Box is in the same magazine?
...time for this author to jump ship and switch magazines.
Bah, so much potential

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