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Teiden Shoujo to Hanemushi no Orchestra

Alt Names: alt 停电少女与羽虫的管弦乐alt 停電少女と羽蟲のオーケストラalt Teiden Shojo to Hamushi no Orchestra
Author: Ninomiya Ai
Artist: Shiraki Ichigo
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureComedy ComedyDrama DramaHistorical HistoricalRomance RomanceShounen ShounenSupernatural SupernaturalTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: The foolish living things, the humans, who carry darkness in their hearts, lost the light from their eyes.

Deep inside the darkness, they lose sight of the way. Crushed in their despair, the humans one day meet creatures called the hotaru who each carry a faint, warm light. The hotaru provided the humans with the light, and started to live alongside them. But in this ugly and blood-stained world, the hotaru's number started to decrease day by day. Yet, the humans wanted the light and started to hunt the hotaru. For money they would throw away the life of a hotaru.

Nemu, a hotaru who has lost her light, makes a contract with a abandoned baby, Haibane. Haibane seeks to find a way to gain back Nemu's light.
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Yes! New Chapter!
Thanks so much Secret Service Scans!!!

Once again thanks for new chapter :)

I completely forgot what this was about...
Welp, time to re-read this!!!!!
Thanks for the new chapter Secret Service Scans!!!

Ahhh... I had about given up on ever seeing another chapter of this terrific manga.


Thanks so much for continuing this.

hoorah! now I need to reread

It's alive \( ç ∇ ç )/

I want MOAAAAR!! Great manga

an update!!! thanks a lot!

But no Nemu or Haibane :[

If we want to get technical, it'd be "For whom did you think I took this job for?"
Then again, nobody cares about objective and subjective case on the Internet, as it's hardly important for conveying what you mean.
Yup, Era.

Try listening to old English... it's the same.
@Seed its probally due to the era it is set in
Love this title. First, though peripherally, the synopsis is one of the best I've read anywhere, and that's what drew me in initially, but the manga really is awesome. Just the right combination of humor and pathos, and with great characters and great art.

And @Seed - actually, the phrasing you quoted is correct and your versions are not. The phrasing quoted a bit stilted, since it's formally correct but not what one might normally hear, bit it IS correct.
Hmm? Well, it makes perfect sense to me.
Meh. Looks good from what I read of the first chapter, but the sentences arent making a lot of sense, or rather, its hard to make sense of them. The order of words, for one. Like:

"For who, do you think, did I take up this job"

It should be "Who do you think I took this job for

Also it seems that whoever translated/proofread it added in words to sentences, and thus made them make little sense. Like

"I wonder for how long we can be like this"

When it would make more sense like

"I wonder how long we can be like this?"

I mean, at least they arent misspelling things, but... /shrug
These summaries are getting harder and harder to understand. They try to sound poetic and come out.. Jumbled. Just tell me if there is gonna be cute girls, big boobs, and things that explode.
the title of chapter 9 means "a little night music"
woah, if I remeber correctly it was a real good read - ah, I have read it once already - I think 2 years ago - yes, it was really nice and it was sometimes quite teary ;-;
Why's that such a problem? It's not incest if they're not blood related. Amazing manga by the way :)
Dafaq are you talking about Cydric!? Do you even know how hard it is to come across a MS incest scenario outside the H genre!? Dude, this is friggin' gold!
... a cliff hanger... I really want to see next chapter now...
I'll find it weird if he falls for his mother or vice-versa...even if they are not blood related Posted Image
Good history^^
Well, this is pretty interesting, suits my tastes... :D

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