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Tenkuu Seiryuu ~Innocent Dragon~

Alt Names: alt 天空圣龙alt 天空聖龍~イノセント・ドラゴン~alt Innocent Dragonalt Masum Ejderalt Tenkuu Seiryuu - Innocent Dragon
Author: Yamaguchi Miyuki
Artist: Yamaguchi Miyuki
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureDrama DramaFantasy FantasyHistorical HistoricalRomance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: The Lord of Sanwa’s son Lamkha saves Kanan, who collapsed on the road, and brings her home. In Sanwa, where the Messengers of Heaven or Flying Serpents roam the skies, a legend has been passed down the generations. According to the legend, a Holy Dragon fell from the heavens following a battle against a Black Dragon and was buried in Sanwa. What is the truth behind the legend?
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Thanks for the update, Serendipity! Such a great story, was waiting for more of it. ^^

Mi chiedo perché il team inglese l'abbia interrotto è così bello questo manga, ringrazio il team italiano per averlo preso in mano.
Spero che almeno voi riuscirete a portarlo a termine. :)

Ci piace!!!
Interesting story, nostalgic arts, and good pacing. What more you can get? Instant followed!


I predict that Kanon is actually a descendant of the dark dragon.


Nah...she's a descendant of both dragons! ... probably...

Great Work! :D And I really like the story!


But chapter 8b is missing - just to let you know! ;)

Wait what? Is it christmas already? 2 chapters?!

Use to follow this story through Ivy Scan's site. Thanks for continuing the work, Serendipity!  ^o^

Yay! Miyuki's birthday month will be filled with Tenkuu Seiryuu releases!


Chapter 8B was released on the 3rd by Ivyscan, chapter 9 was released on the 13th by Serendipity, chapter 10 is in Typesetting, and chapter 11A should be released in time for Miyuki Yamaguchi's birthday!!


Super Fun Times!!!

Thank you guys for working hard on this manga!

Good things are in the future for the fans of this manga ; )

Happy 10th, Ivyscans! Thank you so much for this wonderful manga. <:

Thanks for sticking to this. Each chapter is a blessing *0*

Huge follower of your scans! Thanks for all the updates! Happy Anniversary!

I predict that Kanon is actually a descendant of the dark dragon.

Chapter updates! Yay! Thank you so much!
Thanks a lot for the next chapter. Aaaand the last two pages ._.
Thanks. Way easier to read now. :D
Thanks for the updates! >c<
Ain't that a bit too watermarked? :/
Even though each chapter pass rather peacefully, for some reason they always seem to end leaving behind high tension in the air.
This is a wonderful manga! There's a lot of depth to it-- the characters, the world, the art. It has a wonderfully crafted air of mystery and suspense while at the same time remaining light, warm, and funny, as well as a wonderfully original plot. I can't wait to see how it develops!
Thank Ivyscan for the wonderful scanlation!! ♥
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