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Tetsunagi Kooni

Alt Names: alt てつなぎこおに。
Author: AOKI Ume
Artist: AOKI Ume
Genres: Comedy ComedyFantasy FantasyShounen ShounenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: With her mother missing and an empty stomach, the Oni girl Senri reluctantly came down the mountain towards human habitation, where she collapsed in the street. Coming across her by chance, Shino offered her house as a place for Senri to live.

This tale is about Oni girl Senri, the energetic girl Shino, and the people around them as they all come to realize "Somehow I’m communicating".
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So....This isn't exactly the best point to pause a series

So, uh... series kinda died at a critical point, huh?

so any news on this?

Vexed-Scans said it's on an indefinite hiatus and they've no idea if it's coming back at all :(

so any news on this?

Why didnt the mother search for Senri??? D:

The level of "kawaiiuguu~"  in this is disturbingly high.

My only complaint is that the faces aren't as wide as I'd like them to be.


Oh why are there no more updates? >.<

This is such a nice story, and I really like it. It is also well thought out, as far as the plot goes. All that said, it has been a fair time since an update. Has anyone thought that they want more? (irony).

Seriously, I really enjoy this, and Senri is as cute as they get. Good message, nice characters, totally cute art. I want Senri for a little sister.
I'm in love with yukki-chan the first time I see her :3
need more
need more.
so cute
too bad the chapters are so short though
Heh, start reading this and very shortly the "Dawwww..." button will be pressed in your brain.
This - is - so - cuuuuuu~te. <3

It's decided, this manga is going to be compensation for the lack of those "awww..."-moments of my life X-D
That little oni is one of the cutest beings in the cosmos.
want more chapters............... soooooo good.
This is so cute it should be a crime.
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I'm shocked and in awe to sality...

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