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The World God Only Knows

Alt Names: alt 神のみぞ知るセカイalt Dunia Hanya Dewa yang Tahualt Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
Author: WAKAKI Tamiki
Artist: WAKAKI Tamiki
Genres: Comedy ComedyHarem HaremMystery MysteryRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Katsuragi Keima is known on the net as the "God of conquest", while in real life he’s known as otamegane (glasses otaku) that hates all real girls. However, he is approached by Elsie, a devil from hell, to help her in catching runaway spirits that hide within people's hearts. Apparently the spirits only hide in the hearts of girls and the only way to get the souls out is by filling the gap in their hearts, and what better way is there than to make them fall in love? Not only that but he's not allowed to fail or he will lose his head!

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Honestly, the ending of this manga just left me with a, "......... Oh," kinda feeling. It didn't strike me in any way whatsoever. The most emotional part for me was Tenri's heartbreak, which I honestly felt badly about. The ending otherwise was just kinda there. Chihiro does nothing for me and, while I understood the intellectual reason behind the pairing, it didn't feel very genuine to me. It felt more like Wakaki-sensei was pressured to choose someone for Keima-kun to end up with and he chose the "normal", i.e. non-supernatural one. Because reasons.


All in all it was a weak, cold-hearted ending, devoid of any of the humor or charm that made this such a great title to read. Disappointing.

Huh, so this series ended. I never thought it would, always felt like one of those never ending mangas. Oh well, I hope the ones who read it liked the ending. It never really jelled with me.

The Chihiro shippers are the worst shipping fandom all time bar none. How about the lore of the loose souls .How about the Elise pothole?How about Keima Declaring everyone not real like some Nazi level Racism. First and foremost this was a series of diversity and ideals and you ruined it. Why must the plot be absolutely butchered for the sake of an otp? What of the now meaningless memory of my first love?Must even Chihiros development be ruined? What did you so got out of your way to force this ending on all of us. You are the very first fandom to directly ruin a manga just for the sake on an otp. A world record.No other manga has this,I mean none at all.
found out about wakaki's new (current) work just today and though i'd check back on this.

honestly? i can't say i hate the way this manga ended; the author went out with two big middle fingers up to everyone's ships.

it only feels to me like the original overarching plot derailed somewhere because it didn't follow the "first girl wins" pattern. elsie developed from a somewhat airheaded sidekick/foil into an almost unnecessary character with a nebulous role in the story who was, really, barely cute (or even interesting, for that matter) in comparison to the series' other heroines. i think it's an honest shame that elsie didn't get much in the way of proper character development.

even still, i believe that the ending we got was the most fitting for the way the manga developed, and for keima.

i am still puzzled as to how tenri brought out diana's wings... can someone help me?...

missing chapters?... cant find chapter 261 and above...

Since there's still people whining about this not having a harem ending, ill repost this. i wrote it before the final chapter.





Dropped Years ago........, because my heart not ready, now I just finished reading this manga, its a good one, good ending, but deep in my heart I still hope this manga still continue.... (Cry like baby). For those who found this manga and haven't read it, please read it, this is a good manga with proper ending :) -SFMBE

yea chapter 1 is good, someone please upload !

I waited over 3 years to finish reading this series, and it was worth it.

I'm not completly satisfied with ending, but noone can make end satisfying for everyone. It felt somehow similar to jumanjis last scene.

I loved this series so much. Love the concept and the characters. Especially Keima, best MC ever. Sadly it went down hill somewhere in the middle. But it was saved from all the epic plot twist that I did not expect. Except the ending. Saw that coming and wished it wasn't. Based on Keima's character, he would have everyone's memory of him to be reset. His The Conquering GOD. He does not choose, he just conquers. That ending would have been more satisfying rather that the author's stupid hinted ending. Harem ending would have been okay too. And too the people that keeps on hating on harem endings, (1)this is a romcon,(2)galge more or less has a harem ending which is almost always consider the True Ending, (3)Polygamy is still in practice by the Muslims and it is also allowed by God in the Old Testament. The ending is sadly not satisfying like the epic beginning of this great manga. Rate it a 3 star because of that ending. Well, I already rated it a 5 but oh well.

good, when I first picked this up I thought it was going to get a harem ending and dropped it, I'm happy I picked it back up

Wow, I always feel so weird/nostalgic when I get to the end of a long-running manga.  I guess it just feels like all the long-running mangas will just keep running forever.  This one didn't have the same impression on me as, say, Love Hina or GTO, but still it was a fun ride.  One of the few ones that I've read from cradle to grave as it came out.


RIP, muchacho.


I've had a few like that, but I know what you mean. I'm not so into this one, but I understand how if you were what it feels like. Manga that you jumped on really early, really liked, then watched more and more people discover it and come along for the ride, and then it ends.


A lot of manga go a lot longer than this one though. I wonder if I will ever see Berserk or HnI end for instance.

Even with the ending behind us, I still cannot get over the fact that Keima's favorite Galge character is Yokkyun.

Yokkyun is love, Yokkyun is life

Even with the ending behind us, I still cannot get over the fact that Keima's favorite Galge character is Yokkyun.

Any reason why the first chapter (FLAG 001) wasn't uploaded?

when there is no beginning there will be no ending!!

it was a very pleasant ending.. One of the best series I've ever read

Any reason why the first chapter (FLAG 001) wasn't uploaded?

Best part about this manga is the author have the guts to chose a girl unlike a lot of harem manga

He had chosen a girl ages ago. We were just not sure executive pressure won't make him do a 180 on that decision, like it happens in so many other series.


I kind of wish the author went more into their relationship or something..

Not the point, I guess. It becoming a Keima x Chihiro romcom would have been against the spirit of the series. Not that I am against a continuation like that.


By the way, I really loved how Keima didn't second-guess or lose any time at all after he came to the realization he's in love with Chihiro. I wouldn't have minded more Keima x Chihiro banter, as that was the best part of the whole manga, but Keima reaching these decisions by himself, without any forced development and flags? That is even more important. So I am glad this happened the way it did.


P.S. the fuck? where did the last 8 chapters disappear?

Sorry for any bad english.
TWGOK wasn't axed. In fact, the editors wanted it to continue. The author, Wakaki Tamiki, choosed himself to stop it. After chapter 100, TWGOK just stopped being a good episodic rom-com and became a GREAT serie.
SO, go to hell, motherfucker, stop tainting this manga by your presence because you do not have enough taste to accurately appreciate one of the greatest series of the Weekly Shonen Sunday, BASTARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, I am ready to get banned, as long as I could deliver this important message.

Dude,calm down. You look like some immature brat. Stop making fun of yourself.

I never picked up this manga while it was ongoing, so I just finished reading it after about 3 days.



This is definitely one manga I intend to recommend to my friends.

Except that a harem end is only a temporary solution. Let's face it, in a monogamous society they're going to have some problems down the road if the harem continues. Problems that could involve a lot more drama than unfulfilled teen romance.

That reminds me about of Campione! with most balanced harem, MC even had normal school harem with 14 before becoming godlike badass. In Campione there's no question about monogamy, coz will you care that much about formal administrative work, when you truly love someone (read Honeymoon Salad about this mater)?

You know... I like the ending... Its just that... I would really like it more if they ended it in the Goddes Arc.
In a good and funny Harem.
Maybe its just because I always ship Harem Ending...
Great and unforgottable Manga!

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