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Thomas no Shinzou

Alt Names: alt 天使心 (HAGIO Moto)alt トーマの心臓alt Heart of Thomasalt Mitsukuni no Musumealt The Heart of Thomasalt Thoma no Shinzoualt Thomas no Shinzōalt Thomas' Heartalt Touma no Shinzoualt 托马的心脏
Author: HAGIO Moto
Artist: HAGIO Moto
Genres: Drama DramaPsychological PsychologicalSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoShounen Ai Shounen AiTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: As winter draws to a close, German boarding school student Thomas Werner dies one morning. He leaves behind a single letter addressed to his fellow student Juli that reads "Here is my love. Here is the sound of my heart."

With his faith shaken to the core by the words, the scholarly Juli sinks to the depths of despair. His cynical roommate Oscar finds himself watching over Juli's fragile mental state while keeping his own feelings for Juli under wraps. Then new student Eric enters the school - and he has an uncanny resemblance to the deceased Thomas...

Enter the world of a boy's boarding school in Germany where all will be revealed about the suffering and redemption that comes with love. Even today, this early work of Hagio Moto is still regarded as a brilliant masterpiece.

This is volumes 11-12 of Hagio Moto Works

1 Bianka (ビアンカ)
2 Tou no Aru Ie (塔のある家)
3 Cake Cake Cake (ケーキケーキケーキ)
4 Sara Hill no Seiya (セーラ・ヒルの聖夜)
5 Sangatsu Usagi ga Shuudande (3月ウサギが集団で)
6 Poe no Ichizoku 1 (ポーの一族   1)
7 Poe no Ichizoku 2 (ポーの一族   2)
8 Poe no Ichizoku 3 (ポーの一族   3)
9 Poe no Ichizoku 4 (ポーの一族   4)
10 Kyobetsu Hata no Isansouzokunin (キャベツ畑の遺産相続人)
11 Thomas no Shinzou First (トーマの心臓 上)
12 Thomas no Shinzou Last (トーマの心臓 下)
13 Juuichinin Iru! (11人いる!)
14 Shiiro no Yuukyuu / Kuro no Eien (東の地平・西の永久)
15 Kono Musume Urimasu! (この娘うります!)
16 Tottemo Shiawase Moto-chan (とってもしあわせモトちゃん)
17 American Pie (アメリカンパイ)
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One of Hagio Moto's first works, and you can definitely see the Takemiya influence in there. Wow! It's like a PG-13 Kaze to Ki no Uta fanfiction. It's wispy and beautiful, kind of over-dramatic, in a romanticized way. I loved it. 


Eric did nothing wrong.

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