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To Love-Ru Darkness

Alt Names: alt to love ru darknessalt To LOVEる―とらぶる―ダークネスalt Trouble Darkness
Author: HASEMI Saki
Artist: YABUKI Kentaro
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyDrama DramaEcchi EcchiHarem HaremRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeSci-fi Sci-fiShounen ShounenSmut SmutSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Even though this is a sequel to To Love-Ru, all of our main characters make an appearance along with some new additions. Rito continues to be caught in over the top uncensored ecchi scenarios. The alien Deviluke sisters still use their unique abilities to grab Rito's love confession. Nana and Momo have transferred into the school and meet Mea, who seems to be a worry free and joyful girl. Momo in particular wants to share Rito and create a harem for him. While scheming her plan, she confronts Golden Darkness also known as Yami. They are interrupted by possessed students who begin to fight with abnormal strength. Now the new plot line appears as a mysterious person who's in control of the students tests Yami's assassination skills. Who is this new enemy?
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Title Group Contributor Date
Vol.15 Ch.62.1: Extras
Zettai Translation Project Haolen A week ago
Ch.64: Morals ~Who is the one disrupting the morals!?~
CXC Scans Cross. 14 hours ago
Ch.61: Pegando ~Nemesis~
KIIS Scansubs KIIS Scansubs A day ago
Ch.60: Poder e Poder ~Batalha Rápida~
KIIS Scansubs KIIS Scansubs 2 weeks ago

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of course its a belly button, I believe you editorial department.
I am sure you guys didn't edit that part to be a belly button.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Before is naked Kneesock fetish ...

what next ? Start of belly button fetish ? =3= ?


*Saw a bellybutton and was going to the next page*

*Saw editor note " this is a bellybutton " *

*Thought about something else*

Oh come on, seriously?

Wow, Kotegawa blows

I'm pretty sure Nemesis is the most shameless of them all...

Why not? She is dark matter..  You cant say inorganic material is shameless.. and it might be her second nature or way to show skinship? ;)


So shameless mmm...

Seriously, Nana seems to have only tentacle monsters in her cyber safari, and despite all the incidents she never seems to get rid of them. And anytime you push a button on the device it summons one, almost like that was the last thing she used, like redial. And what's the first thing they always do? Go molest the girls, almost like someone trained them to do that.

I think it's pretty clear what she does in her spare time. Also, when she accidentally gets caught up in one in public she had to pretend to be disgusted. "Kyaa! ^^ It's slimy! Aahn...."

April man? I wish this was a weekly edition. :( 

That's a bellybutton. That's a bellybutton. That's a bellybutton. That's a bellybutton. That's a bellybutton...

If there was a thing like 'accidental fellatio', this would be it.

Rito has touched the vag with his hands and his mouth...Payback time?

how far will mangaka-sensei gooooo~~~~ :3

At this point this manga is just a experiment for Yabuki to see how far he could go.

I don't care what you guys say, but Haruna is the best!!!


A belly button, sure. Then we need more twisted belly buttons on the future, right?

Oh nana...you just noticed that now?


LOL accidental blowjob



That This is a Bellybutton text made me Laugh out loud actually so bad, other ppl in house where like WTF !?!?!

My goodness. Through Nemesis's tampering, a new era of falling girls who actually molest Rito begins.

I'm pretty sure Nemesis is the most shameless of them all...

This is a "bellybutton"


You pronounce it differently though. In this context, "bellybutton" is pronounced "genitalia."


On a side note, it's nice seeing Nemesis be a foil to Momo. Literally 2 chapters and she's made the girls be more conscious about their feelings than Momo ever has. Having Rito remain overly passive will do nothing to move your harem plan forward, Momo... 

accidental blowjobs. This author is getting bolder and bolder. It is only a matter of time before he trips and has his dick fall right into someone's pussy. 

Is it really a belly button-Iiiiiiiis ittttttt. XD That side note basically made me laugh the whole time And when i saw where the hands landed ayyyyyyyy

now Yami just needs to join that group then it can be renamed to the tsundere committee :)

of course its a belly button, I believe you editorial department.
I am sure you guys didn't edit that part to be a belly button.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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