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Tomo-chan wa Onna no ko!

Alt Names: alt ¡Tomo-chan es una chica!alt トモちゃんは女の子!alt 토모짱은 여자아이!alt Si Tomo-chan ay babae!alt Tomo itu Cewek!alt Tomo-chan è una ragazza!alt Tomo-chan é uma Garota!alt Tomo-chan da kız!alt Tomo-chan er en jente!alt Tomo-chan est une fille !alt Tomo-chan is a girl!alt Tomo-chan is een meisje!alt Tomo-chan ist ein Mädchen!alt Томо-чан — девочка!alt טומו היא בחורה!
Author: YANAGIDA Fumita
Artist: YANAGIDA Fumita
Genres: 4-Koma 4-KomaComedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Tomo Aizawa was raised in a Karate Dojo and lived her life as a tomboy until high school. As a result, her childhood friend/love interest Junichirou Kubota (aka Jun) doesn't treat her as a girl at all.

Now... How to get him to see her as a girl?

Raw 4-koma:
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Title Group Contributor Date
Ch.538: We didn't do anything
#dropout rhino36 13 hours ago
Ch.537: Delinquents + Hot Stripping Girls =
#dropout rhino36 A day ago
Ch.536: Rescue duty
#dropout rhino36 2 days ago
Ch.535: That's why I like her; that's why she's distant
#dropout rhino36 3 days ago
Ch.534: I'm the one who found you
#dropout rhino36 4 days ago
Ch.533: Growing anxiety
#dropout rhino36 5 days ago
Ch.532: I had forgotten
#dropout rhino36 5 days ago
Ch.531: I won't overlook those fierce eyes
#dropout rhino36 A week ago
Ch.530: Nonchalant SOS
#dropout rhino36 A week ago
Ch.529: Gave a lousy excuse
#dropout rhino36 A week ago
Ch.528: This has nothing to do with it
#dropout rhino36 A week ago
Ch.527: There was rain yesterday
#dropout rhino36 A week ago
Ch.526: Electric Carol
#dropout rhino36 A week ago
Ch.525: She has nothing to do with it?
#dropout rhino36 A week ago
Ch.524: Gundou the Demon
#dropout rhino36 2 weeks ago
Ch.523: A maiden in peril
#dropout rhino36 2 weeks ago
Ch.522: I won't let you be both
#dropout rhino36 2 weeks ago
Ch.521: Misuzu's plan
#dropout rhino36 2 weeks ago
Ch.521-530 Read Online
Rakuen Translations papo41 3 days ago
Ch.520: Result of making the points of contact smaller
#dropout rhino36 2 weeks ago
Ch.519: Extreme man
#dropout rhino36 3 weeks ago
Ch.518: No changes to the plan
#dropout rhino36 3 weeks ago
Ch.517: Strong or weak
#dropout rhino36 3 weeks ago
Ch.516: Into reality
#dropout rhino36 3 weeks ago
Ch.515: At the critical moment that puts 'now' to an end
#dropout rhino36 3 weeks ago
Ch.514: There's that too
#dropout rhino36 3 weeks ago
Ch.513: Another try
/a/nonymous c4r151 3 weeks ago
Ch.513: One more time
#dropout rhino36 3 weeks ago
Ch.512: Technique misfire
/a/nonymous c4r151 4 weeks ago
Ch.512: An unimpressive special move
#dropout rhino36 4 weeks ago
Ch.511: Unable to fight back
/a/nonymous c4r151 4 weeks ago
Ch.511: Can’t fight back
#dropout rhino36 4 weeks ago
Ch.511-520 Read Online
Rakuen Translations papo41 A week ago
Ch.501-510 Read Online
Rakuen Translations papo41 3 weeks ago

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"Demons run when a good man goes to war"

I thought Kou was just shocked by them meteorites (I know I was).

Looks like anything fluff-related has the capability of going steel-wool mode.

yeah i just realized she was wet and dirty from falling over so he misunderstood the situation

Oh no, Jun and Tomo better hold back senpai from slapping that delinquent's wrist.



(and thus, did Tomo fall in love once again)

Well at least one of them got a taste of heaven. We all jealous now.

I thought Kou was just shocked by them meteorites (I know I was).

Looks like anything fluff-related has the capability of going steel-wool mode.

Why did I momentarily see an image of a Behelit on Carol's boyfriend? 

Well, at least one delinquent is satisfied...

The nicest one is always the scariest.

Senpai berserk mode: activated, delinquents corpse mode: ETA 1 or 2 chapters.

Question about what carol was doing in chapter:



Question about what carol was doing in chapter:



Rampage mode activated

Problems with your guy friend not treating you like a girl? No worries ladies, there's an easy solution for that!


Just show him most of the twins.  Guaranteed to work every time (*disclaimer* only works for busty girls, sorry flatties).  If he's not thinking with the wrong head in seconds you can forget it and move on cause dude bats for the other team.



... At least as far as this manga is concerned.

Misaki is going to misunderstand and think the delinquents sexually assulted Carol. Delinquent death flag has been raised.

Zoom in, the author drew the shirt neck in the first panel. The fluff stripped the moment she saw him!

His face makes me hear GTAV's "you died" music


I cry "Foul!" at the misleading title.

It was then that Senpai finally noticed Carol (boobs).

Still no plot outside Carol.  Sigh.

I'm confused about this fight. If it's Tomo's fight then Jun is wrong to take more than half the targets. Then again, Mizusu did call Jun for rescue, so isn't this Jun's fight? Either way those guys are fertilizer, but really, the proprieties must be observed.

Forgiveness.exe stopped working.

Oh no! Dragonball pre-Z level of erotic! How low author can fall to earn more likes!



pretty boy is certainly feeling the heat now xD

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