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Tomoyo After ~Dear Shining Memories~

Alt Names: alt 토모요 에프터alt Tomoyo Afteralt Tomoyo After - Dear Shining Memoriesalt 智代アフター Dear Shining Memoriesalt 智代アフター ~Dear Shining Memories~
Author: Key
Artist: SUMIYOSHI Yukiko
Genres: Drama DramaRomance RomanceShounen ShounenTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Based on the visual novel Tomoyo After (a Clannad spin-off), this manga retells the story from Tomoyo's perspective.


> Clannad
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With Nagisa, Tomoya learned how to cherish the people around him despite the things that may happen. With Kyou, he learned that no matter what, you can't hide what you really feel. With Kotomi, he knew how someone can think of their loved one even at death's door. With Fuko, he learned that affection can transcend through everything and finally with Tomoyo, he learned how to cherish the everyday.


Tomoyo After is the one for me.

Never really understood why the glowing orbs gained in CLANNAD don't carry over to Tomoyo After... (Yes, I know that it's a different game, so it wouldn't make sense to carry it over), but I always wanted a happy ending for Tomoya and Tomoyo. (Yeah, favorite route while playing CLANNAD)

i just finished the game...today september 26, 2012 and I just have to write my feeling on somewhere to share with everyone.
It's a WonderFUL life----some lesson can only be learn from experiences. Trully, tomoyo always my favorite character due to her weakness or maybe he strong point, which is her devotion and emotional feelings. The visual novel shows me a demonstration of an example of ENTERNAL LOVE. The thing about....live on in my heart that you always thought crap is actually exist. For tomoyo to keep trying, to prepare her self in 3 years worth bring me to tear everytime i think about it. 3 year isnt a long time, not long enough to destroy 1 love or fade away memories, but surely it is painful enough to the one who is enduring the pain of losing someone. Life is wonder ful, there might be hardship, but it will be wonderful because u r or will be able to overcome those harship. Watching tomoyo grow really make me evaluate my own worth. What will i do if i am in her situation. What can I do? In the end, the answer i got from the visual novel was not enternal love. It is the ability to overcome hardship that make life truly wonderful. The ending wasnt really a good end, but it was worth it. I got the message. It might not be desireable, but it is the most emotional one. It sting and it stay in your heart. Regardless, as much as i want to see an ending where light or practicles of happiness will save tomoyo from her trial just like when tomoya was given the chance one again in Nagisa route. I have to admit, i wouldnt want to read that, because life is full of supprised and tragedy even when u r not aware of. Miracle brings hope but hope can turn into despair, what trully remarkable is u, yourself have to be able to over come those.
I have no regret, keep this coming KEY, I MEAN IT
Tragedies...I always regret reading them.
Good, made my cry for the first time in a while, but, the VN is way better and way sadder, and... and... TT
OneManga ... the best site for manga lovers...just hearing that word brings me back to my sweet childhood T.T (3 years ago) on that site I spent the best days of my life...
ahhhhhhh why!?WHY!? they shouldn't have closed it! ;.;
Hey, I read this on OneManga...
fyi, Doki fansub said that they almost finish translate the VN and will be released around this season
Yeah, CLANNAD has the shittiest ending ever. Even I, the Genius Kotomi couldn't understand the mumbo-jumbo Alternate Universe that's related to the Theory of Everything (that dwells in both Physical and Philosophical) which has always bug Physicist throughout the world.

Wait... I'm out of character...
:/ if the VN is like this, i will play it!
love this forever
Of course I played it!!! Also this manga only lasted 4 chapters, forgot I read this.
.........Guess you guys didn't play the original VN then... It has a great story but the shittiest ending ever.
oh yeah Clannad, the anime that made me love anime, and the 1st one that made me cry like a little girl.

As long as it's Clannad, I will definitely follow it!!!

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