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Torikago no Tsugai

Alt Names: alt Birdcage of a Pairalt 鳥籠ノ番alt Kafesin Çift Kuşları
Author: Minami Toutarou
Artist: Minami Toutarou
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureComedy ComedyDrama DramaHorror HorrorMystery MysteryPsychological PsychologicalRomance RomanceSeinen SeinenTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: To search for a missing friend, 6 people arrived in a closed theme park.

"Birdcage Castle" which should be deserted...

However, in there, groups of two people are created and are connected by a chain, and now, the game of putting one's life on a line began!
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It's missing the last few chapters . . . 

I found a terrible translation on another site.

The ending is really confusing, and I can't tell if that's the fault of the author or the translator. 

Either way, it feels like it got cancelled; the story just rushed to the end.

Ok, so i just read the ending. I think it'll be totally divisive.


Buuuuut. I really liked most of it. I liked that, for once, there was a villian who's motivations suuuucked. Not in the 'oh look at my woobie story thats actually not that bad', there's that too, but her reasons were just the kind of excuse a super shitty person would make. She is just jealous, scared, annoyed and in the middle of the biggest pity party on planet earth. Of course she would lay all this out, she's not only crazy, but a really bad person. I liked that.


I'd prefer it if Kuruwa didn't die though. He was super cool and like, besides Gin's one big deduction, the reason they all survived in the first place.

is this over? dont go grabing guns until collars off idiot then kill bitch

Just read the ending, couldn't have played out any worse, totally killed it. Rule number one never create a strong interesting character just to turn them into fodder. 

So... my guess to the reasoning of the sudden twist would be....



That's a brilliant deduction.


I don't even mind that they're not new chapters. The typsetting is beautiful.


So... my guess to the reasoning of the sudden twist would be....



NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Goddamnit not best girl! I swear to god if she dies.


But I will say though that the Owl's reason for doing all this shit is pretty weak, I swear I've heard this exact same reveal somewhere else. And yet again we have another twist

B*tch strikes again.

What the...wat?

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Oh good. More crazy people.
Holy Shit. The twists just keeps on going and going.

I thought this story would tie into the story of the "bluebird of happiness" (thank you VLR), but that was brilliant how they used the layout and the rules to go about it. Also, nee-chan is still the best she was scared for Gin's life, this series will be a 9/10 if he ends up with her or both sisters. 

LMAO! That staring contest. I'm starting to see who the real owl is in the manga. XD

I didn't mind this chapter too much since I can read Chinese a bit. I imagine that everyone else had a few problems though. Still, I appreciate the effort that went into delivering this new chapter.

Thanks jessicaneem

I'd still prefer the Japanese raws for this.

But hey, putting aside the sometimes chaotic English, I rather liked the way this translation was done. I already tried my best at Photo Shop but somehow I can't write vertically, so I'm a little doomed when it comes to scanlating. Maybe I should copy this style and make some scanlations for Yankee Figurine as someone asked me to xD

So... whats the status on this?


a single person translating this, and thats it?




thanks for the info, i hope a good ending

Chapter 21 is the last one

Only 6 chapter left? Dang, tad unfortunate as I feel it's just getting started, but I guess you gotta wrap it while the product is hot. 

Why does it seem every young mother I've seen in mangas always turn out to be cute and ridiculously awesome, I feel sorry for the dude though, totally tragic. I also like the missing girls sister the best out of the crew, if I was Gin, I'd consider the missing girl a lost cause and go for her sis. 

Wow. That ex-husband was fucking mental. The audacity of that man. I can't believe that he's the one that left them and he has the gall to think they would threaten him for money. Fuck that guy, I hope he gets killed in prison. I'm very upset. She was a great mom.

What's with the drip drip on like three pages, did I miss something?

Tears. the previous page shows the others crying

I wonder if Kuro's father has something to do with this birdcage incident now...

What's with the drip drip on like three pages, did I miss something?

Please don't rape oka san, I don't know if I can deal with that, she's a 10/10 mommy.

No badtouch here, just a quick stab. Too bad the mom had to die though.

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