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Transfer Student Storm Bringer

Alt Names: alt 폭풍의 전학생alt La Tormenta Del Nuevo Estudiantealt Storm Studentalt Transfer Öğrenci Fırtına Getirenalt Transfer Student The Storm Bringer
Author: Gangnengyi
Artist: Gangnengyi
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyMartial Arts Martial ArtsRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeSeinen SeinenShounen ShounenWebtoon Webtoon[no chapters] [no chapters]
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Ongoing
Description: ====Batoto Staff Notice====
This comic has been requested to be taken down by Naver. Do not upload, for any language.
This record has been left here to serve as a notice.
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Such a funny and awesome manhwa haha ,

this is one of the best  Manhwa i have ever read  , I Really enjoyed reding it

There are some similar moves to those in Holyland and Angels Densetsu

even after the series is over, i still usually read this................. its just too f*cking awesome (>.<)

Too bad the remake polar opposite version is so shit.

even after the series is over, i still usually read this................. its just too f*cking awesome (>.<)

And I had just gotten used to the idea of a trap -_-

damn i read this manga too fast. It was too good that now i miss reading it.
Haaa this manga really made me laugh. Strongest weakling ever!
I really really REALLY want to see what Ingong and Yunhee look like as adults.
The concept was neat, I especially loved how, if you didn't actually know the Guy's actual thoughts, the protagonist would have looked like the most stereotypical, jerk-with-a-heart-of-gold shounen battle-manga protagonist ever.

I also couldn't help but see quite a few similarities with Angel Densetsu, and even though the execution wasn't as good, it's humor was cut from the same cloth as well.

The ending was sadly a wee bit too rushed (to say the least), and the romance subplot didn't even really exist. Not to mention, the story technically ended with everyone still thinking that the protagonist is this uber-badass fighter, so I can't really see how Ju and Lee could get together while their relationship is built on such a huge-ass lie. In fact, I would love to see a storyline dealing with this problem, where Ju would finally be found out by Lee and how that would rock (or possibly strengthen) their relationship...
I feel bad for the principal all he ever tried to do was help the guy.
Read it all in 2 days ,man that was awesome. Wish it went into more detail the romance aspect but the actual story looked like it took place in less than a week. Or atleast showed them when they graduated or how ju and lee look older.
Man, that was an awesome ride! Looking forward to the author's "promised" new work!
Really enjoyed this one beginning to end
Kinda wished it to go deeper than a gag webtoon about school fights, but nevertheless, solid read.
finally had time to read this... that was so cute at the end. like father, like son, huh
That was one of the coolest webtoon I ever read. Short but good.
If you haven't read it yet, go ahead and start reading from 1st chapter/
I wanna see What Ingong and Yunhee are doing after they finished school. Sad to see it officially end, though

It brought the lulz.
i'll never forget when mc got pushed off a rooftop, grabbed the head of the one who pushed him with his feet, spun around smashing the guy's head on a wall, kept falling, got grabbed by the muscle guy, landed on a throne of bodies, sitting.

and none of that was done intentionally.
Well it was fun and entertaining while it lasted. I'll never forget you Ju Ingong!!!!
A few chapters ago it was explained that the school isn't all boys but actually a co-ed with simply no girls joining which actually makes sense with it being a very dangerous school and all. And that guy is actually a girl.
I think its axed or a rushed ending.....
Best ending EVER!! xD

I thought that the girl in the boy all school was a guy?? Then why has he or she a child with Ingong ??
Man Yunhee is so sexy, sad it ended for real...
why this manga have to end Posted Image

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