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Alt Names: alt トライピースalt Tri-Piecealt Tripeace แก๊งป่วนชวนรักษ์โลกalt 戰爭仲裁者
Author: MARU Tomoyuki
Artist: MARU Tomoyuki
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyDrama DramaGender Bender Gender BenderSci-fi Sci-fiShounen ShounenTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Nana, handsome amnesiac youth who has long fair hair and a strong sense of justice, attempts to bring peace to the world. To do so, he attained a Tri-peace operative number (102078) in an organisation of people who stop wars and encourage peace.
Faced with danger and perpetual doubt in whether or not he can truly get the world to be at peace using his good disguise (crossdressing as Nanako), he strives to stop all wars.
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As a reader that has read this manga a few times from mid 2014. I must say, goddamn this was a fucking blast to read. The first chapter instantly hooked me when I first read it, and while the other chapters doesn't have the "tragedy" that I was looking for from the first chapters, they still intrigued me in comedy, plot progression, and characters. Nana intrigued me until the end, Shiro was a blast to see developed, and the whole Tripeace gang was completely amazing to behold. This manga is a clear #1 in my heart. Even the (rushed) ending doesn't bother me that much. I'll have to give this manga a clear 10/10. Also, I really want Maru Tomoyuki to continue making manga (even one-shot works), His art is interesting, and by the experience of Tripeace, he sure knows how to make intriguing characters and world settings. 

It was totally axed, but atleast the ending was entertaining.

Author did well with what he had, I think. Went out with a nice "bang!"


Fit the bill perfectly! 


Attitude wise.

My only wish was to see more of Nana in god mode.

The ending was good, but it was also anti-climatic for many. The pace of the manga had a lot of people ready for a fight scene at the end. Instead, they got the rug pulled out from under them.

I still find it a tad peculiar how the ending of the war between the 2 countries (the 1's fighting over that fountain thing-- sorry my memory is splotchy, I read this a while ago) and the ending of the big war were so different. The former being ended with reconciliation that was fitting for their objectives (peace), while the latter being a more realistic outcome; Makes me wonder what the author was trying to make war out to be in this manga.

The ending wasn't that bad....

What ? I'm just stupid or this is the end ? No ? REALLY ?

meh the ending was rushed and waterdowned

This end fit the manga well. Unrealism is nice but it doesn't quite leave a satisfied sense with the reader. Having the realistic sense I was left with was really nice.


(Awesome manga)

The ending bad at all since the main character's conflict basically got resolved. (Although, that peacefully violent ending was unexpected.)

Just glad that the unrealism of total peace wasn't the end.

Call me crazy, but i liked the ending and the manga.  i dunno it maybe i just liked the manga a lot, but i went into this chapter depressed 1 for real life reasons 2 b/c its the last chapter, but came out happy so i dunno lots of manga either leave you calling for more or seem to last forever.  this seemed to have the right balance for me.

no romance gg

....This ending....I'm having Mass Effect 3 flashbacks.

Author left clear message to everyone with this ending. Proper kick in balls can change "everyone" in to pacifist.
But seriously I'm a bit disappointed here.

First time I think that an axed manga had it right from beginin to the end.


I thought the only downside would be it's being short but when I think of it, its actually not that bad.

I think the ending for this... was completely fitting. I mean really... how often have they ended up degrading from a "noble fight" to an "all out dumbass slugfest" in this manga? It wouldn't have been fitting if things escalated too much. Oh and the comment from the characters about "animals not having war" that's bullshit it's just they don't have the firepower that humans do. I mean how often will ant colonies destroy each other? wolves fighting over territory. Those are wars just on a lower scale. I will admit that humans don't fight out of instinct or beliefs but mainly out of sheer stupidity. It's a facepalm of the human race go figure.

Probably publisher didn't think Tripeace is a good manga and author must finished it as soon as possible. :(

-sigh- another good manga with a lame ending. =(

what the hell was with the ending? it could have been better if lots of them died though.

...well...that's kinda... anti-climatic


...oh, someone already said that...

So much good manga ending so quickly YET Bleach and Naruto have yet to end!?!?

Hopefully the author creates another series even better (and more appreciated) then this one next.

Kind of anticlimactic.


is it axed?....

the real ending is on 90 page

i think it's not crappy, it's a good ending.

and that's the only way to end this manga.

@God of LoL it was axed.

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