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Twin Role

Alt Names: alt ツイン ロールalt Twin Rolealt Twin Roll
Author: Harumi Hitsuji
Artist: Harumi Hitsuji
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: The ace of the arts department, Izumi, goes by a different alias on the internet: Iz.
Together with the composer Kanon, they make music videos. Izumi admires Kanon as a woman greatly, and the two chat with each other every day. One day, Sagami transfers to the music department of the school and Sagami and Izumi dislike each other very much. But Sagami's true identity is Kanon!
He realizes that Iz=Izumi, but Izumi doesn't know and acts very coldly towards him...!?
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Spoiler (tag):
Finally, the first REAL rival?
Although her admiration for the sempai, imo, competes at around the same level as the sister, with Kanon above both and Sagami unable to get off the elevator between the three. Actually, tbh, I expected Izumi to mistake the sister to be Kanon and trouble to ensue from there, but this new guy looks like a (barely) difficult knot to unravel in the few chapters remaining.
Still heard nothing about Izumi's history/family/background, except that she is ace for the art department? We literally learn more about Sagami and the school than her, hmm... O.o

In my opinion, this would have been so much better without the


Well it's official. My heart stopped. (Ty Ty café scans!)

8 chapters, huh. At least the triangle isn't gonna get dragged out too long.

Reading love triangles from the perspective of one of the opposing vertices is like eating a bowl of nails and angst.
Please don't make us wait 7 months again... <.<

mangaka draws cute-ass chibis

Very cute! I'm enjoying the reactions back and forth. Sis has gotta be my fav character so far though. The way she shoots down her brother's hopes and dreams is sublime XD.

You could say she /clocked/ him.

(Forgive me it is 2am and I love these dorks)
Edit: them cliffhangerrrrss

Soo sweettt >>>>>///////<<<<<

Whoa, an update! Hopefully the next chapter does not take as long to come out. <.<
Is this finally getting picked up?? Eyyyyy My Christmas present lol

Goth Loli Sensei....


I'm in

"Wow...this living organism is super cute!"


Yes, yes you are.

Omg it's not dead. Thanks for the new chapter ♡
Thank you Cafe Scanlation ❄❄

cute, this is too cute!



My nominee for Best Neesan!

she gets even better

My nominee for Best Neesan!

Short synopsis: The transfer student is the female lead's internet crush.

this is cute the MC accepted that he likes her and its actually doing something to get her affection. i hope this dont get those stupid loves triangles.

The pacing for chapter 1 gives me a "one or two volume" vibe.

I enjoyed it, nonetheless.

I really like how quickly the male lead abandons that stupid narcissistic shoujo manga prince mask. His real self is so much cuter.

It's amusing and cute. 

Really cute story so far, but i'm a sucker for love-hate relationships. I esp like the girl's spunk. 

The guy's adorable as well. 

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