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UN-GO ~Ingaron

Alt Names: alt UN-GO Episode:0 - Ingaronalt UN-GO ~因果論
Author: AIKAWA Shou
Artist: KOUGA Yun & Pako
Genres: Mystery MysteryPsychological PsychologicalShounen ShounenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: "UN-GO" is a full-fledged detective story about a detective and handsome boy combo who tackle the world's most difficult crimes together for reasons of their own. The profession of private detective fell out of favor long ago, and yet, that's how the young man, Shinjurou Yuuki identifies himself. With his superior deductive powers, Shinjurou solves various challenging cases. Meanwhile, Inga, an attractive young lad, serves as Shinjurou's "buddy". But contrary to his cute looks, he's a sharp, arrogant rogue. Why Inga sticks with Shinjurou is as yet unknown. The setting of the story is a postwar, future Tokyo that still bears the scars of war. Ruling the land is Media King Rinroku Kaishou, who through politics and industry has the communications infrastructure under his thumb. Kaishou has used a clear head and the massive amount of information at his fingertips to lead to the solution of a great number of cases. But there's an underside to Kaishou's brilliant deduction work, which is that Shinjurou Yuuki, "the Last Great Detective", is the one who actually uncovered "the truth" in those cases. However, the public doesn't know this and thus refers to Shinjurou as the "Defeated Detective". Still, Shinjurou, together with Inga, can't help but search for the truth.
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Well, the anime is one of my all-time favorite, so I guess I'll follow for now.
I'm agree with BowlOfNoodles, watching anime could help you to understand manga
I think in order to understand the manga, you probably have to watch the anime as they go in depth about the robot case and more about what is going on. The manga seems follow after the anime story. There is also a prequel episode that came out that covers how Shinjurou met Ingaron, but I don't think that episode was subbed yet as I have been looking for it.
I can't understand what's going on >_
I really liked the anime, too bad it was way to short. Hoping the manga can go beyond the 12th episode. The idea of a detective carrying the title " the defeated detective", two unique companions, a trans gender psycho and a loli android (her story was just so sad) makes a interesting setup.
i just hope someone will pick it up
the manga is way more complete in terms of story then the anime imo
It did seem more like a preview than an actual story. Hopefully the series will pick up the case again with at least as much detail as the anime.
I don't know if this was written before or after the anime, but so far it seems like a brief glance at Sasa Kazamori case (for those of you who liked the anime as much as I did), but very incomplete and incoherent. The art is pretty, though, so I'll see how they are planning to go on with the story and will wait for more updates to make up my mind.

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