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Unlucky Mansion

Alt Names: alt 不幸公寓alt アンラッキーマンションalt 언럭키맨션
Author: Yaggug
Artist: Yaggug
Genres: Comedy ComedyJosei JoseiRomance RomanceSlice of Life Slice of LifeWebtoon Webtoon
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Kang Eon Ju loses both her house and job at the same time. When she discovers a working position at a mansion, she immediately grabs the chance! How will her life as a live-in caretaker in a mansion play out?

A story of unusual people in an unusual mansion!
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i saw their comico page and this webtoon is officially back i can't wait

H-hello? Any updates soon? I-is the project kill?

dear christie
i dont know you but i want to know you
every single one of your notes i feel so bad i wanna rip my heart out reading this webtoon

thank you i love you


if you see this pls lets be friends holyshit lmao what am i doing

Dangit, this story is amazing. Q___Q Thank you so much for the scanlations! Mystic translator, you the real mvp.

So, the writer is one of those green pharmacy crosses.  I wonder what that means?  Poor health?  Reputation for hypochondria?

their handles are @badpharmacy and they call themselves drugs, I think they could be implying they're bad for you / poisonous, in a humorous way? Like, having a "wow you're work is so good and addictive, it's crack and I can't get enough of it!" effect on the readers. instead of curing you they make you worse? i don't know haha 


So, the writer is one of those green pharmacy crosses.  I wonder what that means?  Poor health?  Reputation for hypochondria?

i wonder if i read for manhuwa or tl notes lol, get me everytime

It's been an amazing run of chapters.  Thanks much Mystic for bringing us up to the latest! 

With luck see you in a couple months.

I instantly reread the chapter cause it made me so happy to see that hugfight~ <3

I've ascended too with that long-awaited hug.

thanks for your hard work getting this first season done! it's been fun to read along with you, and i'm excited for the next season.





joon was sooo cute singing while cleaning  :batoto_003:

this was the song if anyone was curious what he was singing

Wide shoulders are wiiiiiide

Minor note:  So I guess her not telling her parents she's no longer in standard employment is about to be exposed.

I actually miss grumpy Woo Jin

I don't usually care for t/n notes, nor do I find them distracting. But this time they are pretty good and going with the flow with story, first time I actually pay attention to those.

Tho really, whatever will make people to not stop translating, take any motivation you need to don't stop period, cause it's not like anyone going to learn korean anytime soon. I do have endless gratitude for that. (aside of 65% issue)

amount of comics I follow which stopped being updated for months and years is too much

The translator notes are funny, but there's so many now that they're starting to get distracting...

Yeah unpopular opinion here - i always dislike tl notes, they're really distracting and take away from the authors vision. But whatever, I appreciate the translations.

the translator notes make it seem like i'm reading this along with a friend

I get the same feeling. I love it, really makes it a lot more fun. Especially seeing how many new interesting expressions the TL can come up with. My favorite so far is "*cries in korean*" with the various prayers in close second, haha.


LIVING for these daily updates!!! But we've had too much blushing man cuteness--Eun Joo is here to splash us in the face with some sobering Cold Water, I fear!
Doki doki of the kokoroooo

Ahahah fuck Eun Joo's panicked reactions are the best

Eun Joo is me any time a friend shows the slightest bit of interest.

Tragic real life example:

Friend: Visits my class
Me: ???
Friend: I saw you in a dream once
Me: !?!?
Friend: *Teases me about owing him money
Me: *Immediately borrows money from five other friends and pays him back by throwing the bills in his face by accident

R.I.P. Any budding feelings the boy had

Hopefully Eun Joo is more casual than me who spontaneously combusts at any sign of romance.
Translator comments giving me so much life on top of this awesome manhwa being updated regularly.

"Yeah, I'm extremely free." new line to use

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