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Alt Names: alt 噂屋alt Rumour Shopalt Uwasa Ya
Author: Hosaka Ayumu
Artist: Hasumi Natsume
Genres: Drama DramaHorror HorrorJosei JoseiMystery MysterySupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Uemura Takitarou is a Genius Cosplayer who can change himself from head to toe. One day, he finds his only friend, Asami Kusaka, killed by the Night Blindness Man, a serial murderer who gouges out the eyes of his victims. Tominaga Hana, a model, discovers his talent and recruits him for the company, UC, an office that solves mysteries and crimes by manipulating rumors/urban legends. Can Uemura track down the person who killed Kusaka?
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i wish someone would pick this series up again...

Kinda disappointed that the death of his best friend only affected him for one chapter. I don't typically read josei for various reasons, but I'm starting to remember one of them.

If this manga doesn't stop showing signs of ADD, I'll be dropping it and probably swearing off josei again.
For anyone who is interested in the song that Kurusu mentioned in Chapter 5, it's Bloody Sunday by Rezső Seress.

My personal favorite versions is by Diamanda Galas and Bjork.

Personally, I listened to Diamanda Galas at one of the lowest points of my life and while it didn't lead to my suicide, it gave me the best sleep I'd had at that time while listening to it.

Its sorrow embraces you, giving you a funeral and a white silk laid coffin to rest in. I only found Bjork after and while its beautiful, it didn't have the same power as Galas's. It's the kind that'd accompany me while I drink flower tea in the dim moonlight.
this has a good twisted story good read

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