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Wanko ni Kuchizuke

Alt Names: alt 犬神姫にくちづけalt Why not be my dog ♥
Author: Miyata Kouji
Artist: Miyata Kouji
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyEcchi EcchiRomance RomanceSeinen SeinenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Kazura has an unusual job in a department that handles clearing out demons and spirits. Her teammates include a super-otaku, a former delinquent with fire powers, a drunken magic sword wielder, a British exorcist and a powerful Buddhist monk. Kazura's role is not so glamorous, though. She forms a team with her manager, as a vessel for the dog spirits he controls. When he kisses her, she is possessed by the powerful dog spirit Bentengou for about five minutes, after which she usually wakes up to herself doing something embarassing, like licking her "master's" face!
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Holy shit what a fucking amazing manga. All the characters are lovable, and most of all, it's obvious the author loves all the characters. You can just FEEL it.


And that ending. SO GOOD. I've been let down by so many endings that to suddenly run into this one is like hitting a wall made of soft fluffy pillows. Is this satisfaction? For a manga ending? What the hell?


Thanks for translating the whole thing Antisense. The only disappointment I can take away from this manga is that the author passed on not too long ago. I had blazed through the manga completely forgetting about it, ecstatic at the end, only to get depressed as hell when I clicked back to the main page for the manga.


Godspeed Miyata Kouji. I hope you're still writing Elder God-tier romance manga on the other side so I'll have some insane content when I finally kick the bucket.


Oh, and PS., I fucking love happy endings.


thank you for the read

Kyaaaaa~ So much happiness. This is what I call a happy ending with bonusess.

Great ending. ^^ Wraps everything up nicely.

owwwhh yess, what a satisfying ending



Thank you so much Miyata Kouji, i hope you got greatest place in heaven

and thank you Antisense Scanlation for bringing this manga for us

I'm sorry it has ended, but I have to say that the ending is perfect!

Thanks for bring this piece to us, good work Antisense.


Now that is what you call a definite ending and a really good one at it.


Finally a manga without a cliff hang ending. Those already got old.

A nice ending for a nice manga.


Holly thanks for this last chapter :D and all your hard work on the others !

Looking forward to author's next work ...is what I'd want to say. (T_T)

As many others before me have said, it was a fantastic ending! The entire series fit the way I like romance and couples to be written and the way Mikogami was handled overall was excellent.


A big thank you to Antisense for bringing this to us!

I guess I can safely put this in the "Great ending to great series" pile. Wish the pile was a bit bigger with all the shitty or open endings, but I'm glad this one was a solid one.


Thanks for finishing the series, scanalators. Loved it.

I don't think I can really put into words how much I sincerely loved this manga and the trip it took me on. Genuinely a great read, I love the pacing, the characters, the plot, every conflict and it's resolution. So entertaining with heart, It never annoyed me or left me disappointed; the only truly sad part of this manga was reading while knowing it'd be over soon. My day was always brighter whenever I saw a new release; Thank you Antisense for your awesome work, and Rest in Peace Miyata Kouji, really leaving a wonderful legacy behind. 

=) Hope you guys enjoyed the series! I sure did.

and we're thankful for the hardwork (at least I do), it was a great series and mostly, it has a proper ending xD


and the series was great, and I'm really thankful that you didn't gave up with this series.

See THIS IS AN ENDING. Not that crap of "open ending" .

Great series; loved the art most of all.

Pretty damned satisfying. Everything got wrapped up nicely.

It's so rare for there to be an entire fleshed out post-end chapter like this. It really wrapped everything up nicely, without becoming fuzzy sentimentality. Such a good series!

=) Hope you guys enjoyed the series! I sure did.

Is that the end orrr?

One more chapter then the end for real.

Great resolution to Benten and Kitsushouten! Fantastic way to start the New Year as well.

But it's not the Year of the Dog.... >_> It's Rooster's...

Got hit with the feels when I saw that reunion ; A;

Is that the end orrr?



Rest in peace, and good luck in the future.

Great resolution to Benten and Kitsushouten! Fantastic way to start the New Year as well.

Awwwwww....this series is the definition of bittersweet. I haven't gotten a single chapter where I didn't get heart pangs. So good.

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