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Wolfull Moon

Alt Names: alt ウルフル・ムーンalt Urufuru Muunalt 满月下的孤狼alt Волчье полнолуние
Author: Tomofuji Yuu
Artist: Tomofuji Yuu
Genres: Action ActionRomance RomanceShoujo ShoujoSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Tootsuki Yaya can see things nobody else can. One day, she is attacked by a monster-spider, and a puppy comes to her rescue. But when she unties the strange ribbon around its neck, it turns into the Wolf Kind of the demon world! Finally free after a thousand years, he’s out to get the holy maiden who imprisoned him in a canine body for so long. And guess who is her reincarnation...?
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Title Group Contributor Date
Vol.1 Ch.3.5 Read Online
Shoujo Online Luce82 2 weeks ago
Vol.1 Ch.3 Read Online
Shoujo Online Luce82 3 weeks ago

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Qualche volta ho difficoltà a seguire la storia perché nei capitoli pagine non sono messe nel loro ordine cronologico t.t ma per il resto continuerò a seguire la storia ^^ l'adoro
Lo trovo molto carino, mi piacciono le storie incentrate sugli yukai! Vediamo come prosegue....il "ti divorerò" sappiamo che può avere altri significati uh uh uh (^_^)

Grazie molto interessante ;)

Mmh interessante :) lo continuerò a seguire senz'altro ^^ p.s: ma vero, la storia ricorda, in un certo senso, quella di inuyasha :o

cuando habrá mas capítulos? me encanto

so sad it ended so soon :(

Is it ... completed? 

I like the extra story, they're so cute 

"this is like inuyasha"


yes, with the most "inu" part in it.


Too short!

*Reads comments* ... *Scrolls up and reads description* ...Yep. That is *exactly* inuyasha. Holy wow.

Its like Inuyasha but good.

The art is so good I'm a little scared I'll be disappointed at some point, but right now I don't caaaaare. I look forward to the next chapters!

I like these types of stories, and it's predictability is what I like about it. I know what to look forward to.

Was there anyone else who thought of 

? and yes this seems like a Inuyasha "ripoff", but aren't most manga ripoffs anyways so who cares as long as it is good  ;)

It really is A LOT like inuyasha, but more set in present day...

Once the beginning of the chapter started, it was a bit predictable which is fine, but the last page still got me surprised. It was refreshing, I loved it, can't wait for more *u*

Interesting enough start to get me curious about the next chapter, don't know yet. Regardless, many thanks to Fallen Syndicate for picking up the series and doing a stellar job on it. :)

Will this be a newer form of InuYasha?

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