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Alt Names: alt クロスブレイドalt Cross Bladealt XBLADE刀
Author: Ida Tatsuhiko
Artist: Shiki Satoshi
Genres: Action ActionDrama DramaFantasy FantasyShounen ShounenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Four years ago, a large scale disaster in Tokyo claimed two million lives. The remaining thirteen districts of the city were isolated into the Tokyo Barricade Zone. Morisaki Harumi, an unruly kid with great fighting strength, is his family's sole survivor from the incident.

One day, in a traffic accident, Haru gets pulled into a world of violence and meets Mana, the girl who turned herself into an ancient sword.


> XBlade 十
( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/xblade-%E5%8D%81-r9788 )
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Of course, cliffhanger ending.

Meh, waiting for sequel.

i'm grateful for rocking horse scans for finishing this manga but i was disappointed in it i hope sequel is better, a lot better coz the latter half of this manga was total bs.

is that it??? whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa

from rocking horse scans site: "Also, we want to pick up XBlade Cross but it's difficult to find the raws beyond the first volume. If anyone knows where the other volumes can be found, please let me know!".


So, they do want to pick it up, which is awesome. Hopefully they can get the raws.

Thank goodness there's a sequel.

Well then this is completed now right? Any news of scanlaters picking up 'XBlade +' ?

Tenchou reminds me of Anonymous LOL.

They really misromanized such a well known name as Yagyuu?


I already gave up on this long ago lol.

Hopefully I can squeeze in a re-read(same as with Seto no Hanayome which also seems to be revived from the dead)

Holy sh*t an update!

Rocking Horse Scans you guys are truly ROCKING.   Thanks

Sadly, IIRC just a little spoiler concerning Haru and his friends.


This would annoy me to no end. I'd never read another chapter of this series again if it came to that. 

Sadly, IIRC just a little spoiler concerning Haru and his friends.


Things that I find deeply unpleasant are when side-kick wimpy characters are given powers ups and they get psycho overconfident ruining the whole story.

Seriously, leave that long haired friend out of the story... it's a waste of pages.

Holy crap. I had completely forgot about this series altogether! Nice that it's being picked up again! :D

Wow....for it to be picked up, this late....thanks RHS! =D

I hope this project is not dead.
Chap 42 was so @ @
Couldn't catch up with my vague memories of 41.
i think i forget how the pevious chapter going LOL
Finally an update, Hell yeah.
ROAR! i love this manga sucks that there hasnt been an update for a while
The missing chapter 30 isn't a mistake, it seems the group never got the raws for it, so it was never scanlated.

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