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Yama No Susume

Alt Names: alt ヤマノススメalt Encouragement of Climb
Author: Shiro
Artist: Shiro
Genres: Josei JoseiSlice of Life Slice of LifeSports Sports
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Aoi Yukimura is a quiet, shy girl who likes crafts and indoor activities. But when she is reunited with her estranged childhood friend Hinata on their first day of high school, she ends up being dragged up hiking trails, despite her fear of heights!
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I'm really sad that the scanlation of this manga has gone on such a long hiatus.  It has an interesting premise (other than "cute girls doing cute things" trope, which is a rude thing to say about any manga which is mainly about girls) and I enjoyed the four very different girls growing in their interest in mountain climbing.  I would love it if some philanthropic group would take this manga up and give us some more chapters.  If it happens, I'd even be willing to help with grammar in English translations and perhaps towards purchase of raws, etc.

Perhaps it is rather silly if you live in the foothills of Aconcagua or Denali, but these are high school girls on a middle class teenage allowance budget living in Tokyo.  It's rather foolish to expect them to be familiar with top of the line expeditionary gear, or to be able to afford it even if they are.  I live in Southern California, where people lose their minds and forget how to drive when it rains.  I also spent 22 years in the military, and while I used top of the line equipment when participating in Operation Brim Frost and wintering over in Antarctica, I climbed Mt. Whitney with a wool sweater, zip off pants/shorts, and a gore-tex jacket (which I didn't take out of my pack).  


I doubt that the demographic this manga is written for are professional climbers preparing to do the Seven Summits plus Mont Blanc and Puncak Jaya.  

Very cute.


But kinda silly to read.


In my area, a lot of the stuff the story talks about are common knowledge here. Down jackets are a common sight around here during winter (Uniqlo down jackets are for suckers) and camping/hiking gear is pretty much standard household items for people in case of blackouts.

found another gem...fufufufu

Still eagerly awaiting Fuji.

Still eagerly awaiting Fuji.

To celebrate the introduction of bouldering, a shoutouts to my favorite course Psicobloc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cOk_Fdwuag


What's a Mori-girl btw?


Generally wears loose, modest clothing in pale earth tones.  Usually involves longer skirts and layered tops.


(Not sure why this is being stubborn and not actually letting me quote.)

What's a Mori-girl btw?

Mori means forest, so I guess Mori-girl is a fashion style that looks "foresty"?

What's a Mori-girl btw?

I like this Manga so far... it's pretty good. Thanks for scanlatting this, /a/nonymous!

This is pretty nice.  I am enjoying it quite a bit.  Thanks /a/nonymous.

Two small girls on an innocent adventure? Okay, which one is it that is suffering from an incurable disease.

I loved this series back then, I even remembered what Aoi said which become episode/chapter 1 title: "Yama dake wa dame~!".


so sad that I skipped the 2nd season, I'll consider to watch them again.

And here I go, following a series about cute girls hiking and chatting together. By all rights, years and years of series like this where cute girls join a club and do (insert club activity here) in cute ways should have gotten old and boring. But it hasn't.
And this is great.
And I have yet another of these on my follows list.
Life is pretty good.

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