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Yonhyakunijuu Renpai Girl

Alt Names: alt 420 Renpai Girlalt 420連敗ガールalt If I don't successfully pick up 420 girls, I am going to die in a lot of different ways.alt yonhyakunijuu renpai gaaru
Author: Kiriyama Naruto
Artist: Akasaka Aka
Genres: Comedy ComedyOneshot OneshotRomance RomanceSchool Life School Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: The "crushing heartbreak romantic comedy" follows Haru Tsuwabuki, a boy who must successfully confess his love to one of 420 girls, or he will die (in more ways than one). Haru is one of the few boys at St. Cinderella Academy, a "sanctuary" for exquisitely beautiful girls. However, as soon as he enrolls, he is derisively labeled a lowly "parasitic biting insect," and his adolescence descends into darkness. One day, Haru meets Miyako Dokuutsugi, a beautiful girl with the worst misfortune at the academy. Haru's life descends from darkness even lower into hell.
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Is there actually an anime coming?


considering that PV was from 3 years ago, i think its safe to say "no".

Is there actually an anime coming?

Poor guy since this is a manga the chance is high that he will end up with her in the end. Unless he can convince her to get some help for her violence problem that will be an unpleasant fate.

At least i know hot to say 420 in japanese. Thanks b0ss.



Anyone know if there's already or there'll be translations or even just raws for the novel? :o

juz blaze


>heroin making school


This is misleading as shit, I want my junkie harem mango.

holy mother of god, please get an adaptation!

so funny the anime pv of it :D
This manga is off,I cann't read it !
It's just an ad for the LN like the PV that studio Trigger animated.
No idea. As mentioned in the Disclaimer/Credits/Whatever page, this manga is grabbed from the original website where "short comic" was labelled on the manga, which seems like a teaser manga to me.
I also saw news about light novel being sold and anime adaptation but I don't see any news bout manga adaptation, so I'm not really sure whether there are more chapters to come or not
Is this a one-shot? coz the status says complete.
Definitly a nice little chapter. so this is a teaser not a oneshot (since its marked as complete)? That means more chapters should be coming ?
Liked it thnx!

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