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Yoru no Douwa

Alt Names: alt Evening Fairy-Tales
Author: KONNO Kita
Artist: KONNO Kita
Genres: Fantasy FantasyOneshot OneshotRomance RomanceShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: A collection of eight of Konno Kita's earliest oneshots.

Story 1, The Road Home: An old man wistfully remembers the past.
Story 2, Garden: A sheltered princess learns what grief is.
Story 3, Beyer’s Waltz: A woman “getting on in years” makes a decision about her love life.
Story 4, The House that Waits for Spring: A girl faces her future in the shadow of an irresponsible father she dearly loves.
Story 5, Rattle: In an impossible land, an old man is reunited with the granddaughter he once knew.
Story 6, The Man who Sells Glasses: A magical glasses seller drops by a small town to sell his wares.
Story 7, Light Source: A man meets a curious little girl one snowy night.
Story 8, Evening Fairy-Tales: A boy who lends out cats makes a mark on the people he comes across.
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These are some really fantastic one shots.  Royal kudos and thanks to Konno Kita sensei and Lovely Strange Dark for bringing these gems to us.  (Love to read the other four stories!!!)

Just had a read through Haru to Bonkura too and it was just as lovely, thanks for the both the uploads Lovely Strange Dark.

It's really sweet.

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Sees scanlator group (LSD usually has good picks), recognises mangaka (check out her work "cotton"), hits follow. It's tagged as shoujo but it feels like it's targeted to an older audience.

cute cover  :batoto_022:

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