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Young Gun Carnaval

Alt Names: alt ヤングガン・カルナバルalt 刺客少年
Author: FUKAMI Makoto
Artist: SATOU Yuuko
Genres: Action ActionDrama DramaSchool Life School LifeSeinen SeinenTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: High school student Jinpachi Kogure is a member of the manga club and is no good with women. Yumika Testuyoshi is a troubled female high school student who's always skipping school and searching for a girl she doesn't hate. However, these two are in reality young masters of the art of killing people: "Young Guns"----!
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Chapter 18. The scene where the enemy young gun starts using a throwing weapon. Just a few pages later the MC demonstrates that he can headshot two mooks while running before they can shoot back. But when his enemy switches to a thrown weapon, misses and is still in his line of sight, he doesn't even try to shot him. They even exchange a few words. And his enemy was just standing there, how come he didn't just shot him then? Because it's a serious enemy and thus can't die easily?


(But I liked the manga in general.)

Loved it :D
For those of you wondering about the rushed ending, this is based on a novel series by Fukami Makoto, the manga only goes up to volume 2 of the light novels and there are a total of 10 light novels. Hopefully someone will translate those sometime...
This is pretty good, i am a bit disappointed that it finished so quickly though.
This is pretty good, i am a bit disappointed that it finished so quickly though.
Excellent Manga. I look forward to more works by this mangaka as well as by these groups of translator/scanlator etc. teams. Thank you for a great adventure. Hopefully i'll be able to the novel successfully.
Well that was fast...
what happened to Tetsuyoshi´s "girlfriend"?
The manga's good and all but damn the anatomy sucks.
The final chapters are out on EG :<
I want moar tho
at least is was not a cliffhanger ;_;
Holy shit the last page just filled me with immense relieve and joy! This manga has some really spectacular moments.
very disturbing content! killing is way too good for guys like that, they need to be tortured themselves for i don't know... a couple of years at least!!
poor daniella ;_____;
kill the bastard!!
Great manga with lots of suspense and action. Never been a yuri fan but hey, as long as they have all this awesome gun slinging action, I'll hang around to see what happens next.
I've never been a fan of yuri due to its frequent obnoxious feminism, and I dislike yaoi because I'm a straight male, but the yuri in this isn't over the top and there hadn't been any yaoi (that I'd noticed) until the omake.

While the omake disturbs me, I shouldn't be selfish. I like this series.
Friggin yuri...dammit!!
I feel like the dudes never gonna get anything and the girls gonna get everything
Interesting, but not on my top list. Some characters are hard to tell apart, the action scenes use so many different visual techniques and layouts that it's hard to tell what's actually going on unless you really focus it - and I prefer to read my manga without having to detail study every page. This makes it hard to really enjoy when the majority of the manga consists of action sequences.
Really cool. Not just gun-action. There's lots of visceral hand-to-hand combat too.
Lesbian schoolgirl assassin levels of real. ;)
good action and some characters that are looking *real*^^

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