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Yumil's Demon

Alt Names: alt ユミルの魔人alt Yumil no Majin
Author: Ishiyama Ryou
Artist: Ishiyama Ryou
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureFantasy FantasyOneshot OneshotShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: After a ten year long war broke out, there were displaced soldiers called Rabi who can manipulate and create golems for the sake of battle. Many turned to becoming bandits, but there was one man among them who chose to fight against fellow Rabi. His name is Humpty, and this is his story.
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This was a good oneshot. :)

Looked at artists previous works. Made me smile, since I knew I recognised this style! :D

Hecaton cale? Not Hecatoncheir?

Well, for uploaders.. please enter the description and make up your mind to tag this as oneshot or ongoing.


Because this is a pretty good manga, with enough coherence, setting, and premise to build a story worthy of more readers.

Rabi = Rabbi?




In Chelm one day, Schlomo, Reuven, and S'hmuel were walking down the street arguing as usual.


Schlomo says, "My rebbe, he is the best there is! He learned how to make the golem from rebbe Eliyahu himself! Last month he walked to Prague and there was a mountain on his way, so he said 'away ye mountain!' and to his left, the mountain, to his right, the mountain, in the middle, no mountain."


Reuven says, "Well, that's nothing! Just a golem and you're so proud? My rebbe, he can make golem too! He learned from the Maharal in Prague! Last month he was coming to Chelm from Prague and on the way was a lake, so he said, 'away ye lake!' and to his left, the lake, to his right, the lake, and in the middle, no lake."


S'hmuel, who has been silent all this time, finally said, "Well, all good for you, but my rebbe is better then. I don't know if he can make the golem, but last Sabbath he was walking down the street when he saw a fat wallet in front of him, so he looked left, then he looked right, then he said 'abracadabra', and to his right, the Sabbath, to his left, the Sabbath, and in the middle, no Sabbath!"

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