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Yuri Danshi-kun

Alt Names: alt 百合男子くん
Author: Kurata Uso
Artist: Akiwo
Genres: Comedy ComedySchool Life School LifeShounen Ai Shounen Ai
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Listen to this. While we were at a Yakitori place talking about otaku stuff, we were blown into an alternate world. You may not believe what we are saying, but what is more unbelievable is that there are no girls in this world!! None! Nada! Zilch!!! Auuuugggghhhh! A bunch of good-looking dudes who like yuri: Kagome, Fuuga, Kamakura, Sakuragaoka, Ototachibana, Musashino, Hanadera. How are they going to live in a world full of only dudes!? It’s full-on survival of the fittest! Not! So it’s just your average unusual manga! Rest assured!

Adapted From:

Yuri Danshi
( http://bato.to/comic/_/comics/yuri-danshi-r14563 )
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...Eh? That's it? I can see why this may have been cancelled, but really??? That's it???????


That suuuuuucks. It was fun...


akiwo senpai @@

Came here for the Yuri. Stay because of the humour.

Ive been fan of akiwo's art for so long but i didnt even realise they had their own manga ;-;

I can't handle this...too much chibi...just can't :<

Cutesy is not sexy enough, sorry.  

So, when can we have the original Yuri Danshi?

I'm sort of curious about the contents of that porn mag. LOL
All this chibi kills my soul. xD
I mean, it's not bad, but they look a lot better when drawn normally.
Looking at the author's other works, it's surprising that they decided to go for something like this.

Reincarnation/dimensional/RPG genre goes gay

Yuri fanboys grill some beef, bitch about which works are better, form a black hole, get sucked in and turn into Nukos.


Ok, I'll bite.

Darn is it really going to be in Chibi artstyle?

A world with no women... I should be thinking "oh, it's like the opposite of Renai Idenshi," but instead all I can associate it with is this


...I'm really hoping the world's not like the above... 

From Yuri to shounen-ai, this mangaka is impressive mmm...

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