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Zennou no Noa - The World of Lost Memories

Alt Names: alt Amnesia Kidzalt Amnesiac Kidzalt 全能のノアalt 全能的諾亞
Author: ONO Youichirou
Artist: ONO Youichirou
Genres: Ecchi EcchiPsychological PsychologicalRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeSci-fi Sci-fiSeinen Seinen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: In the year 2038, a white light descended on the center of Tokyo and stole the memories of over one million people. The cause of this horrible incident was not determined, and no cure was to be found. The government formed a separate city beneath Tokyo to house and care for the victims of the incident and branded them as "KIDz." Regardless of their age, they truly are like children, and they must be retaught everything they once knew. Noa Ikurumi, who lives in this isolated society, is just taking one day at a time and dreaming of finally being allowed to go back out into the world. But Noa's life will once again change drastically on the day that he is taken hostage by a terrorist with some surprising information about his identity...
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well it's not like he can't reverse the effect, right?




don't know how to rate this one *sigh*

JUST AS PLANNED. in the end, it's all according to plan.

I wish I knew it got axed BEFORE I read it..

Dammit all

the plot is so ... that it's even incredible! 

Lol. he kind of deserved it though -_- he was asking for too much


Nice but the ending is kinda disgusting to be honest :)

I do like that the author did something different and I do think that it is a happy ending, its not perfect happiness but as was said the preparations were made (that sentence can literally fill in every question about the future) and so it should be good



Lol. he kind of deserved it though -_- he was asking for too much


Nice but the ending is kinda disgusting to be honest :)


I expected an ending full of plot holes and unanswered questions BUT I didn't expect the author to go with such a compressed ending that ... ugh.

DAMN What an ending... I feel like mi mind was blown or raped. maybe both @_@

No damn clue what to rate this... It felt like the writer was juggling between pure genius and utter bullshit, not quite making up his mind :'D

what the fuck.......................lmfao
I have read a lot of manga and I have had a great time doing so and I usually don't talk negativly about mangas but I have to say that this is definitly one of the worst mangas I have read. Although that is just my personal opinion about it and I accept that alot of persons like it (rating) so I want to ask you this question: What is good about this manga?
Definitely an interesting read. The axed ending wasn't as bad as some people said. It leaves the possibility of a sequel if the author can ever pick it up again. I do wish that it was longer though, this manga had so much potential.
What the HELL kinda ending is THAT!
A strange ending... no way it can't end like THAT!
ending is somewhat dissapointing but it had a great story line and is very enjoyable i believe that it could have gone longer but it probably got axed so it will end sadly
bad ending could of whent alot longer
Well at Mangaupdates they have this listed under the rushed ending/ axed category but anyone who is registered to that site can add categories to a series so it could have just been someone who felt that way and that's not what really happened.
stupid ending ruin everything ~ i wonder if this one get axed because everything seems rushed ~
What a rather anti climatic ending. This main guy reminds me of Lelouch from code geass.
i smell disappointment . that sucks!
Entertaining concept, creative execution. Very cool worldbuilding and ideas.

Can't really call it perfect though. The story and characters seem kind of scattered. It all feels a bit rushed.

Worth a read, but don't expect the next big thing.
Apparently there are 16 chapters and it is complete. Sooo short :(. Wonder why they finished it sooo quick.

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