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Alt Names: alt ジパングalt Jipangualt 次元舰队
Author: KAWAGUCHI Kaiji
Artist: KAWAGUCHI Kaiji
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureDrama DramaHistorical HistoricalSci-fi Sci-fi
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: In the year 200X, a Japanese fleet consisting of 3 vessels leave on a mission to South America. After encountering a storm, the ship JDS Mirai find itself without its escorts and in the year 1942, traveling towards the island of Midway to face the American fleet in one of largest battles in naval history. The crew of the Mirai must decide whether or not to change the course of history by involving itself in WWII.
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Vol.9 Ch.87: The Ultimate Weapon
LOLScans Janowicz A week ago
Vol.8 Ch.81: The Joker of The Mirai
LOLScans Janowicz A week ago

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OH! This manga is GOOD!
@rockgollem I don't really get were you get this from. Which characters on Mirai are like that?
From what I hear, the (originally anime) series "Deep Blue Fleet" is far worse. Zipang at least tries to apply a modern morality to what it shows.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konpeki_no_Kantai for more information.
@rockgollem Doesn't bother me at all, because in the end who got their cities firebombed? Who had Enola Gay do a fly-by over their country? Japan can spawn as many revisionist and apologist historians they want, but their big, bad red neighbor isn't going to forget any time soon.
I find this manga quite offensive in content. It's another right-wing Japanese justification of war and attrocities it commited. How would you feel if there was a manga about how they go back to Nazi Germany in time and do bunch of stuff and a character spouts that they would have done the right thing and everything they did wrong would be justified if they simply didn't invade Soviet Union and focused on Britain and kept that whole part of the world?

History fact: USS Wasp (CV-7) was sunk in 1942 south of Guadalcanal, by a japanese submarine. So from that perspective, they still haven't altered history.

Is it a spoiler if its misleading?
@imercenary : is it a wild guess, an educated guess, or actual facts coming from someone who saw the raws ?

(Please, remember to use the [ spoiler ] tag if needed !)
karapu puran...
There is an error in page 16. When the captain says "Quiero hacer el amor con ti" he should be saying "Quiero hacer el amor contigo". "With you" in spanish es "contigo".

I don't know it's an intended error in the manga thought, it's a common fail of people learning spanish in early stages mistake to say "con ti" instead of "contigo".
There was an American movie "Final Countdown", about modern aircraft carrier being brought back in time to a day of japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. I remember a nice scene of skirmish between two Tomcats and two Zeros. The movie is old but still a nice watch :)

I don't remember the name but I've seen a similar movie. That said, this story won't end like that. It gets an even worse ending...
I suddenly remember a movie I saw when I was a kid, Jebus, how memory works ! O_o

In that movie, a group of armed american men disappear from the Vietnam war to find themselves plunged in an Asian war taking place centuries ago (I don't remember which one).
Try try to use their superior weaponry to instigate a status quo and end the killing, and of course, they become everybody's target and, naive, unable to kill armed women and children or to conclude "fuck it all", overriden with numbers, they die a dog's death.

I'm afraid Zipang will end the same way, that would be saddening, but I don't see many other options :(
So this make American the first who tried suicide attack "kamikaze" even before Japanese lol.
One modern cruiser against forty American WWII warplanes? That's an unfair contest, my friend. The Americans should've brought at least forty more to make it a more even fight.
They had to turn around....... for a submarine that's obviously trying to lure them.
yeah.... surprisingly serious but at the same time best ever.... really the best
WWII air craft vs Modern SAM and Aigis class Cruiser. This not gonna end well.
The kongo-class ship looks consistently shorter than the real one to me... that said, it's a surprisingly serious manga.

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