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Crimson Ribbon: Smoke on the Water

Alt Names:
Author: Alessio "alex" Guni
Artist: Alessio "alex" Guni
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyDrama DramaShounen ShounenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Other
Status: Ongoing
Description: Crimson Ribbon follows the story of the Bulsara family throughout the years, starting all the way in 1500, Italy, with Sov Bulsara and his brother, Mario Bulsara.


Having disappeared for five years, Sov suddenly comes back home to his brother's disbelief. However he is not alone, as Mario finds out, during all these years Sov has gotten married to a woman called Bianca and has had two sons: the 5 years old Nicko and the newborn Rosso.

Despite a less than smooth start, Mario ultimately, albeit begrudgingly, decides to assist his brother with researching the supernatural abilities that have been on the rise during the last century.

In doing so, Sov hopes that with Mario's assistance he can lend an advantageous hand to Factorem; a faction he has joined during his disappearance and who is at odds with a rivaling faction coveting to gain control over Italy: Genimura.

Eventually the torch shall be passed down to Sov's own sons, despite Mario's best interests, Nicko and Rosso.

Ultimately it shall be the two brothers' will that will decide how the Bulsara's legacy will live on throughout the centuries, despite of their conflicting ideals.


A simple manga inspired by 80's and 90's battle shounens, Crimson Ribbon hopes to entertain its readers as well as pay homage to the manly mangas of the past.

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I can see the JoJo influence

Yeah it gets pretty noticeable later on, I have also talked about that on my forum post over here


I can see the JoJo influence

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