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Cyborg Future Fox

Alt Names:
Author: Nick Reid
Artist: Ivan Earl Aguilar
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureComedy ComedyFantasy FantasyMecha MechaSci-fi Sci-fiSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Other
Status: Ongoing
Description: On the planet Paradyze, a war between the surface and underworld has been going on for centuries. A young cyborg fox named Maze fights for the resistance against the underworld, but has lost hope for an end to the war...until an alien named Grumble crash lands on his planet, and brings with him the technology to change everything...
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So MC is furry genos.

Genos is way cooler, lol...this guy doesn't really have all the special abilities...and he's only got a few cyborg parts.  ;)

So MC is furry genos.

This just scream Furries. Nope

It's on another planet...they're an alien race...not furries...furries have animal facial features..

Uhh i don't hate furries.



But somehow cyber furrys are weird xD.

Atleast give him a cyber tail....

This just scream Furries. Nope

Hey guys, I've uploaded part 1 of chapter 1...part 2 fill follow within the next couple weeks!  In this first part there are a lot of large panels and full page panels to show off the style a bit, but moving forward, be it'll the usual 3-6 panels per page.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Also visit my website where I'll have this manga with the occasional colored page, and you can check out some of the other projects I have going on!


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