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Alt Names:
Author: A.I.
Artist: A.I.
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureComedy ComedyDrama DramaFantasy FantasyPsychological PsychologicalRomance RomanceSupernatural SupernaturalTragedy Tragedy
Type: Other
Status: Ongoing
Description: The story of the endless battle between Monsters and Exorcists. Except this time the main characters are the Monsters.

Coming soon!

Author`s comment: I`m AI an independent artist. Check out my other works (TheLastPierrot and Bleak) and my website and facebook:


If you like my stuff please share it with your friends, as I said before I`m an independent artist, I make no money doing this, the readers feedback is really important to me.

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Uhh... why are there comments from 2013? Is this a repost of the same preview?


Anyway, heres my feedback: Its bad. The art is completely lopsided, some characters are clearly drawn with inked lines but others look like speed drawn concept art sketches. The close-ups have more details than necessary and it comes across as more annoying than interesting or adding anything to the scene. The story is too early to say but the characters don't seem hopeful either.

I'll follow and read tomorrow. I'm a nobody, but if you want it, I'll give some constructive criticism after I read.

What are them, transgender monters?!

The Heads are BAD, really really BAD. This is the first time reading something where the character change gender because of their face and head proportions.


"I tell you everything, she look-a like-a man."


-- a lot of ppl here are too young to get this reference

first 2 pages really shows his lack of experience.

I hope this is only joke art, his style not mature or something like that, the bodies are female but the heads...THE HEADS!

The image at the top right is unexpectedly big.

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