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The 4 masters

Alt Names:
Author: Olsen Mbika
Artist: Olsen Mbika
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureMystery MysteryRomance Romance
Type: Other
Status: Ongoing
Description: The story begins with 4 masters who could mastered the 4 elements: Fire, Water, earth and Air.Their powers were linked and fought together against evils.But one day the jealousy and the dominance was in the heart of each of master and decide to be separated and by doing this broken the link.
In the village of fire there is a boy who believes again to the 4 masters reborn and fight together, he will do anything to see again the power of the link of the 4 masters.
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They're even using the exact same symbols! Copy paste!

And here I thought there couldn't be anything drawn worse then one punch. This proved me wrong. Lol. Can't read it.

reading the description, i can only think of the avatar. reborn as a fire bender.

looking forward :D :D ;D

I believe this falls in "Other" type, not Manga mmm...

Yeah its looks interesting. You might want to get someone to proofread it but ill read where this goes for a little while.

yeah! Pepermintswirl, my inspiration came from that but the story is really different.

yeah!  Garivald you right,my English is pretty bad sorry for that but I'll rewrite the description for a better comprehension. 

The description being written in broken English is why I won't read this. With descriptions that don't have anything in them... at least there's a fifty percent chance of it still being readable.

This is pretty much Avatar: The Last Airbender drawn by ONE. XD

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