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Vampire X

Alt Names: alt NOT Samurai X
Author: Vilchi
Artist: Vilchi
Genres: Action ActionMystery MysteryRomance RomanceSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Other
Status: Ongoing
Description: Nami Morishita is a descent of Dracula's blood She has to be with another vampire to continue the Dracula generation but Nami is in a secret relationship with a human.They're in love each other but unfortunately for them, it's an impossible love...
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Hi guys I was working on my drawing style for a while and how to make my manga better to read but I was doing my best and I hope my new style drawing gonna be better than the old one.see you next month for the coming out.

My advice would be to practise faces.

My advice would be to learn proper English.
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My advice would be to practise faces. Specifically the positioning of features.

Another good thing to practise is proportions. Bad proportions are very noticeable, and make a work look very unprofessional.

We all know  that art gets better as author works , for now it is bellow avarage but I will give it a try . Story is decent enough to read it . 

hmm the art is bad(not unreadable) but the story is ok. But with some work and improvement over the series it can become a good or even a great series.

If I had that much neck, I'd get bitten too.

Hi guys..
sorry for the late respond 
my computer crashed and I lost almost everything I did for my manga and I was disconnected of internet
now I restart drawing and I'm glad to see I have people interested about my story...
thank you guys for the comments and advice I really appreciated.

In case the Author see this comment section :


You have an interesting story premise that could lead to heavy drama later on. Until then, if you're still passionate about this, I hope you're willing to find yourself a partner(s) to act as your 'editor / guide'. This person hopefully will point out aspects that you need to work on, such as : art, story pacing, speech bubble composition, copy writing. I guess those are the major improvements you need now. The rest I'm sure will come as long as you still love making mangas. Ganbatte.

It has potential as story, and I assume the art would improve over time.


I'll keep an eye on the series for now, assuming additional chapters get translated in the future.

Did he get art lessons from deviant art?

The art is rough. The pacing is rough. also the story is rather cliche... Yet... Something is there in it that is so appealing. Like you can feel the love this person has for their art work. Whoever the artist is i hope they continue and perfect their craft. I wouldn't mind to see the end result of someone with this much potential. Though they should not forget the love they have for what they are doing.

is this really japanese, everything about it screams terrible western comic

This looks interesting, but I couldn't finish the chapter, it is in serious need of some good proofreading.

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that art...

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