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  1. Dr. Stone

    One day, Ooki Taiju was finally prepared to declare his love to his crush, Yuzuriha, and when he was finally about to do so... the world ends, with everyone petrified by an unknown cause. During thousands of years, Taiju holds to his determination while being trapped in stone, thinking about Yuzuriha.

    October 5th, 5738 AD. Taiju awakes and gets out of the stone. He finds that his friend, Senkuu, also survived, and they decide they are going to rebuild civilization from zero together.

  2. Origin

    The year is AD 2048. Japan is connected to the Eurasian continent by a transcontinental railroad. The capital, Tokyo, has become a crucible of criminals and terrorists. And so, in the metropolitan darkness a mysterious presence attacks and slaughters people, unnoticed, night after night... Just what are these "things that are not human" living in hiding in the human world? And just who is this "Origin" person who faces them?

    • Nov 09 2017 04:48 AM
    • by Aranea
  3. Terra Formars Gaiden - Asimov

    Sent to track down and exterminate a monstrous man with the Mosaic Organ Operation., Asimov soon finds himself fighting an old friend.

  4. Toutetsu

    Set in a fantasy world based on ancient China, the story is about Fuuren, an armless Defender. Defenders are people who will complete their mission or assignments no matter what. If they accept them, that is. Fuuren has been called to a small town that is about to be taken over by the Ka empire, and they wish to hire him to help their armies defend their little town. However there is a little bit of intrigue within the town itself, and Fuuren accepts a different task altogether…

    • Sep 03 2014 06:45 PM
    • by Weaper
  5. Wallman

    After being betrayed by his country, Jirou left his past as a hitman behind and returned to Japan. In his eyes, nothing mattered anymore... that is, until he met Nami, an active hitman seeking vengeance for her father's death. But she isn't just any hitman; Nami is a wallman! Jirou is then brought back to the underworld, agreeing to team up with Nami and help her seek revenge.

    > Spin-off of Sun-ken Rock
    ( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/sun-ken-rock-r339 )

    • Aug 17 2016 02:52 AM
    • by Weaper
  6. Momo no Musume!

    After a crazy night, a young teacher is tricked into becoming the father of two gorgeous young girls.

    The story doesn't end here, so read on!

    ========Batoto Staff Notice=========
    Comic locked due to content inappropriate for Batoto. Sorry.
    ========Staff Notice End==========

    • Apr 14 2015 04:52 AM
    • by Weaper
  7. Eques

    To protect the earth from the "eques" and save the human race from an alien menace, the young Akira has to fight to the death. Even if that requires sacrifices...

    • Jan 01 2015 08:05 PM
    • by Weaper
  8. Sun-ken Rock Gaiden - Pickaxe

    After Pickaxe moved out for Seoul Pickaxe spend his life as a NEET but one day he finds a strange suit that allow him to become a the Dango Knight. While searching to make money out of his new situation, he’ll come to face the hyper dangerous evil organisation Dark Roach and its sexy leader…

    Spin-off of Sun-ken Rock (http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/sun-ken-rock-r339)

    • Apr 01 2012 11:08 AM
    • by Weaper
  9. H.E - The Hunt for Energy

    Since he was a child, Hiro was able to see peoples-like shape and hated this ability of his. Especially when he witnessed energy spread by the Japanese earthquake of March 11, 2011.

    He is now part of a team in charge of "hunting" new energies to save Japan's and the World's future.

    Manga ended with chapter 17.

    • Aug 28 2017 05:00 AM
    • by Weaper
  10. Raqiya

    Near the end of the 20th century, a truck driver loses control in the Nevada desert, robbing one family of happiness. The sole survivor of this tragedy, a young girl named Luna Hazuki, makes a pact with a mysterious demon in a morgue. Seven years later, she is still living in America...with the family that should have been dead. Little does Luna know that the pact she made will lead to the apocalypse that destroys the human race...

  11. I Want to Feed Yumin

    Impersonate Kitano Ken to go on a date with Yumin and enjoy some of the specialities Korea has to offer.

    Spin-off of Sun-ken Rock (http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/sun-ken-rock-r339)

    • Nov 21 2016 03:10 PM
    • by Weaper
  12. Sun-ken Rock Gaiden - Yumin

    A 3 chapter long Spin-off from Sun-ken Rock (http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/sun-ken-rock-r339), and named “Sun-ken Rock Gaiden – Yumin” with Yumin as main character.

    • Mar 08 2012 03:24 AM
    • by Weaper
  13. Trigun: The Lost Plant

    A Trigun one-shot by Boichi.

  14. Space Chef Caisar

    Year 999 of the space calendar... Three beautiful girls, the "Monster Hunter" of team Mänade, crisscross the Galaxy. Travelling with them a young Chef, which under his frail aspect hides the legend of Galactic Furnace: Caisar!

    With his Knife, he cleaves easily every ingredients and trap in front of him... But what is his true goal?

    • Sep 23 2014 10:42 AM
    • by Weaper
  15. Hotel

    - Hotel since A.D. 2079: It’s an updated version of Hotel – since 2079 (korean version) with a different ending. A computer continues to live on in order to complete a mission in a world where all life, including Mankind, has gone extinct. This is a record of those 27 million years of its heroic struggle.

    - Present:Hanako suffers from a terrible disease. After awakening from a deep slumber, Hanako has only three days to live. During those three days, her husband, Takao, must endure a heart-breaking experience, knowing that the person Hanako really loves isn't him.

    - It was all for the tuna: Tunas went extinct and Jun Shiozaki will do everything possible and imaginable to bring them back. A perfect mix of Sci-Fi and Humor.

    - Stephanos: Set in modern-day Japan, our main character Noriko finds out that she is pregnant with her lover Matsumura’s baby. He, however, is an important doctor with a family and everything already. Noriko wants to have the baby, but Matsumura says that it’s actually a rapidly growing cancer and that they have to remove it immediately. It might also be neither of these things…

    - Diadem: A quest for freedom led by Lilith.

    • Nov 19 2014 10:10 AM
    • by mhh
  16. Sun-ken Rock

    Ken, a young Japanese guy, is in love with a young Korean girl, Yumin. He followed her in Korea and wants to become a policeman just like her. But then, he finds himself at the head of a local gang. What will happen to Ken?


    > I Want to Feed Yumin
    ( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/i-want-to-feed-yumin-r3406 )
    > Sun-ken Rock Gaiden - Pickaxe
    ( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/sun-ken-rock-gaiden-pickaxe-r3753 )
    > Sun-ken Rock Gaiden - Yumin
    ( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/sun-ken-rock-gaiden-yumin-r3330 )