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Analyzing Kaizaki's issue [spoilers]

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So there has been talk that Hishiro has Asperger's which i think (to put it nicely) not true but it has led me to think better on Hishiro issues and such i would let to give my 2 cents on the various psychological problems Kaizaki has in an effort to start a interesting conversation.


1. He is still grieving. Despite being 2 years since his senpai death he has never really gone through the grieving process and thus is stuck, i believe this is cause by the lack of empathy of his previous work place and because he was never surrounded by any people that acknowledge his loss he was never able to truly mourn her. I might be wrong but i have never even seen him cry over her death even thought i caused him so much pain.


2. He still blames himself. This explains itself and it is obvious to see but what is important to mention is that this causes him pain and even makes him somewhat self destructive in a effort to punish himself for his "mistake".


3. He has PTSD. I just want to say that i hate the definition on PTSD because it tends to be a very broad definition of various issues that people can have and it has been show to be very often misdiagnosed, that being said. It is clear that he suffered a traumatic event when he found his senpai dead but the way he doesn't like to have things too tight around his neck or even how he chokes on interview might be the result of stress caused by that traumatic event thought the latter might also be caused by the other 2 issue or a combination of the various issues.


So any opinion to share?

Anything you guys disagree or agree and would just like to add?



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Ryu22, I agree, he almost certainly has PTSD and agree with you on the other points as well. I think he has purposefully stopped himself from grieving. Maybe it's tied to the guilty he feels and he uses it to punish himself but I think it's more about him not wanting to forget about her. He doesn't let himself move on, he stops himself, feeling that he needs to burn her memories into his head, stop his advancement as a way to keep her memory fresh. I think Hishiro, in appearance and sometimes in action, reminds him of his senpai. I think he had a crush on his senpai prior to her death and maybe that's another reason he is hesitating to get too close to Hishiro, he feels he is projecting his senpai on to her, when in act he truly has fallen for Hishiro he is just using the memory of his senpai to push himself away from more connections.


That might be why it bothers him so much when Ryo tells him he will be forgotten. It reminds him that her actions will stay with him but her memory does need to fade so he can move on.



    Potato Sprout

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I agree with you, both on Hishiro not having Aspergers (as her current behavior is learned and not because of how she was born, for starters, but that's another topic) and on Kaizaki having PTSD. I was actually thinking about that while reading recent chapters so I'm glad you made this thread.

I agree that he seems to still grieve over his sempai, and I think him moving on is a big factor in the overall plot. (I thought I remembered him crying when he first found her body and again when visiting her grave on the first anniversary of her death, but it's been a while so I can't be certain. Those are hardly enough to constitute proper grieving but we aren't shown every moment that happened since her death, so we don't know how far through the grieving process he is or whether him moving on will involve allowing himself to grieve or just letting go. He does cry for a moment in a recent chapter though and it's definitely related to what happened to her.)

I think he definitely has a lot of guilt over what happened. I think he wonders if things would have been different if he hadn't tried to change things, if she'd still be alive, and he feels like it might be so and blames himself. He's afraid of trying now because he worries he'll make things worse, that he'll end up in a situation like before. She told him not to interfere but he did anyway, and he feels guilty because of that as well.

In addition to Kaizaki's issues with things around his neck and interviews, I think he also might have flashbacks. When Hishiro reached for his tie he looked like he was finding sempai's body all over again.

I think he feels that if he forgets sempai, if he moves on, he's saying that nothing she did matters, that she didn't matter. That's why he's so insistent on trying to back away from his friends, because he feels like once they forget him everything they had together is lost, and why Ryo is always telling him that even if they don't remember who he is, they'll remember what he did, and all the good things that happened because of his influence would still exist. Worrying about them having blanks in their memories is only secondary, and really the whole situation is set up so that the memory wiping is pretty unnecessary. They could having given him a fake name and changed his appearance more. The same for Hishiro. But both of their problems stem from their feelings about remembering others and being remembered by them, so maybe that was deliberate.