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Noblesse S Summaries

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For those who dont know,'Noblesse S' is a online novel written by the author of Noblesse, Son Jae Ho. Unlike Noblesse webcomic,Noblesse S focuses more on school and personal life of the characters.

Noblesse S is a paid product and the author strictly prohibited unauthorised distribution of the novel.
Some chapters have been made available for no charges on Naver. Easy Going Scans have decided not to translate Noblesse S as it will be against author's wish and also the Korean residents who are fluent in English would decide to read the translated vetsion rather than paying for the original novel and in the end it will be a a setback to novel sales which will affect the author tremendously....(The outcome no fan wants to see).



Earlier chapters of Noblesse S are now free for everyone! Each week three new chapters are made free!!

Noblesse S on Naver!

Even if you don't understand anything it's fine! On each chapter, there is a new illustration by Lee Gwang-Su! It's similar to Japan's light novels!

Anyways,as the title suggests in thread the summaries will be posted for those who haven't read them yet.

Please note all the summary posted here are the courtesy of this blog and all the credits for summaries goes to dotoripop404. I asked him to post the summaries here to which he agreed but I guess due to real life reasons he wasnt able to do that.

Episode 1: A new Start(01)

Frankenstein’s specially prepared room in the laboratory on the 9th underground floor. D-Room.

That room was an aseptic particularly covered with metal on all four walls. Except for a heavily controlled entrance, it was thoroughly quarantined from the outside.

Inside the room were several metal tables and chairs made out of the same material as the walls. Partitions that, at a glance, could be mistaken for bookcases were installed into one side of the room. And in those partitions were diversly colored, neatly arranged clothing material.

Inside the room, Frankenstein stood in front of the clothing material in a cautious manner. He was wearing his custom-made glasses and a lab coat  As to be expected, the glasses, along with the lab coat,was a personally designed outfit indistinctly showing the wearer’s vain nature.


Frankenstein worked his fingertips along the white garments, carefully feeling them one by one. After several delicate and cautiously handled garments, he nodded and and opened his mouth.

“Today, this one will have to do.”

Frankenstein lifted the selected white clothing material, carried it to a table in the middle of the room and sat. Then he opened the lid of a small box on the table. Inside the box, several needles of different sizes were smartly arrayed, along with a number of gleaming, honed knives. Frankenstein pinched a needle which he guessed to be around 6 cm  With that he was holding a white garment in one hand and a sharp needle in the other, which is supposed to be a strange pose. However in reality, it looked quite natural.


Frankenstein took a deep breath and composed himself, closing his eyes just for a second.


The moment Frankenstein’s eyes flew open-

Shuuk shuuk shuuk.

The needle wielding Frankenstein’s hand started to pierce the cloth at a baffling speed. His needle moved sometimes severely, sometimes gently, sometimes as if it were moving along a rhythmic  However, even with this practical sense-lacking movement, Frankenstein’s face didn’t lose its composure.

Shu shu shu shu shu shuuk…

As the sharp needle speedily proceeded, a charming white jacket began to form.

Shu shu shu shu shu shu shu shu shu shu shuuk~

As the jacket neared its completion Frankenstein’s fingers danced more furiously, to the extent that his hand’s form couldn’t be seen by the human eye…Then Frankenstein suddenly threw the garment he had been working on in the air with a flourish.

Flap flap~

The airborne jacket slowly floated upwards. Frankenstein outstretched his fingers towards it.

Chwa ak~ Chwara rak~ Chwararara rak~ totototototototototo~

Thereupon as all the scraps that clung to the jacket fell off, it began to take shape in mid-air. Following Frankenstein stiching movements, the jacket’s true form began to emerge.


The white jacket fell onto Frankenstein’s right hand. It wasn't an ordinary article of clothing anymore. It was a beautiful, elegant masterpiece.

All this had happened in an instant. His movement was as if it belonged to a maestro conducting an orchestra.

Frankenstein deftly fixed his glasses’ position and started to carefully examine the jacket. His eyes glinted sharper than before he made the jacket, as if he would not tolerate the tiniest of fault in it…


Frankenstein’s eyes flashed menacingly and his eyebrows wriggled.

“Oh my, on the seam…an error of 1mm!!”

There was a slight waver iin Frankenstein’s voice as a drop of sweat slid down his face.

“That I could make this kind of unforgivable mistake…”

He reprimanded himself, a wearing a distressed expression. He closed his eyes, tightly as if the sight of his own failure was unbearable.

“This should be destroyed. It is not fit for Master.”

Frankenstein said this with a small sigh.

There was no way that he would dress his master in flawed clothing.

Frankenstein flicked his finger.

Chii iik~

A space on the floor next to the chair that Frankenstein was sitting on opened and he flung the jacket without hesitation. The moment it entered the hole,


Fierce flames shot up and completely destroyed the clothing on the spot. ` Chii iik~

The trapdoor closed as swiftly as it had opened.

Frankenstein glanced at the digital clock on the wall. It read 6:50 am.

“Oh, look at the time.”

He hurriedly rose from his seat and exited the room.

Rai’s Dressing Room.

The marble floor of the exorbitantly spacious dressing room shone with luster, and the lighting on the ceiling was neither too bright or too dark. The elegant decorations that were placed here and there looked like they belonged to conventional architectural works transformed what was supposed to be a simple dressing room.

Two wall closets were situated in the corner, divided in half. On one side, it was jam packed with outerwear on the upper side  pants on the lower. On the other, shoes and accessories were arranged.

A classic tea table and chairs were placed in the middle of the room. On one of the chairs sat Rai, who was wearing black pants and a white shirt. He was seated with his legs crossed, calmly gazing at the displayed attire.

Knock knock~

With that Frankenstein strode into the room, carrying a tea set on a tray. He walked over, placed the tray on the tea table beside Rai and poured tea into a teacup.


Warm, scented steam wafted up. Frankenstein smiled as he spoke.

“Master. Have you decided what shoes you will wear today?”


Rai propped his chin on one hand and gave a small sigh in place of an answer. However Frankenstein immediately understood.

‘He hasn't decided yet.’

Rai sipped his tea, eyes not breaking away from the clothes in the closet. The clothes he was gazing at, no, to be more precise, all the clothes in the room, were all of the same design. Even the shoes…

White jackets and black pants.

Unbelievably, all that filled this luxurious dressing room were copies of the Ye Ran High School uniform.

Even though the uniforms looked the same on the outside, these were made by Frankenstein himself and had miniscule differences. The material of the clothes, the type of thread, the sewing method, etc…there were numerous variations.

The sides of Frankenstein’s mouth lifted into a smile.

‘Master is always so attentive.’

Ding dong~ ding dong~

The doorbell could be heard from outside.

“Excuse me for a moment, Master.”

Bowing his head, Frankenstein as he left the room. He walked into the living room, headed towards the video phone and looked at the moniter.

-Principal Lee, it’s us!

Ikhan’s beaming face filled most of the screen. On either side of him were Yuna and Suyi. At the back stood a yawning Shinwoo, obviously not fully awake.

The time was 7:30. Knowing the reason why the children were here so early, Frankenstein smiled and said,

“Please wait a moment.”


Ikhan answered. Turning his head to the side, Frankenstein saw that Regis and Seira had entered the living room.

Ggi iik~

Rai, who had changed into his chosen uniform set opened the door of the dressing room and walked out leisurely. As he did Regis and Seira bowed their heads slightly as a greeting. Even it was slight, almost like a nod, it was very respectful.


Looking particularly expressionless, Rai gave a vague nod in their general direction, acknowleding their greetings. His response should have made it seem as if he were slightly ignoring them; but, strangely in his case this was all very natural.

With his right hand on his chest, Frankenstein bowed slowly.

“I’ll see you soon. Master.”

Not saying anything, Rai gave another slight nod and stepped forward, with Seira and Regis following behind.

Dul kung~

The front door opened slowly. The children were waiting right outside. They greeted Rai and the others as they walked out.

Pushing his glasses up with one hand, Ikhan greeted them brightly.

“Yawn~ Hey.

The airborne jacket slowly floated upwards. Frankenstein outstretched his fingers towards it.


Pushing his glasses up with one hand, Ikhan greeted them brightly.

“Yawn~ Hey. Smack smack…”

The still-sleepy Shinwoo scratched his head, also letting out a yawn.

“Hi guys, did you sleep well?”

“Eh? Hello.”

An embarrassed Yuna, who was combing down her bed-head hair, along with Suyi, who was rubbing hair essence into her friend’s hair also greeted.

Seira was nodding politely in everyone’s direction while Regis was peering around in a stiff, formal manner.

“Heung~ You’ve all come together today.”

“I’ve succeeded in waking Shinwoo up today. We met Yuna and Suyi on the way. We’ll be going altogether for the first time in a while.”

Ikhan laughed as he summarized.


Rai was gazing silently at the children.

Even though they weren’t speaking loudly, they were noisy just by being together. Their expressions, voices, and actions were all very animated.


After watching them for a bit he shifted his pace. The kids followed suit, heading towards the school.

“What should I do, my hair’s a mess because I didn’t dry it properly. last night It doesn’t look like it’ll settle down anytime soon. What about now, Suyi?”

Yuna fingered her hair as she asked.

“It’s a lot better. It’ll be okay in a little while, so don’t worry too much.”

Suyi giggled, comforting her friend. Yuna sighed.

“Ae hyoo~ Just because I dozed off while my hair was still wet…”

Yuna trailed off as she glanced at Seira.

“How does Seira always keep her hair in such perfect condition?”

At Yuna’s words Suyi looked Seira’s way. The two girls stared at her with jealousy.

Seira’s beautiful, silver, waist-length hair swished with every step she took. The glossy sheen of it was further luminated by the occasional touch of sunlight.

Suyi and Yuna couldn’t look away from her.

Not heeding their gazes, Seira walked on with her back straight and her chin up while staring on ahead.

“Yes, how does she keep her hair so shiny? What shampoo do you use?”

“I’m curious, too. I recieve professional care because of shoots and performances and such, but I can’t be like you, Seira, at all!”

Suyi’s statement followed Yuna’s question.


As if she didn’t understand the girls, she peeked at them. To her knowledge, “shampoo” was what humans used to wash their hair.

Pureblood Nobles like Seira could elliminate bodily wastes inside the body using their powers. There was no need to wash their hair seperately either. Of course, from time to time, they do wash their hair to enjoy the feeling…

“I do not bother much. For that matter,I do not like to use chemicals either…”

Suyi and Yuna misinterpreted Seira’s answer, nodding thoughtfully.

“Not taking care of it…and do you mean that you use a shampoo that doesn’t have any chemicals in it?”

“They must use different shampoo at Principal Lee’s house, too. A person that has such naturally wonderful hair to use a good-quality shampoo…”

“Yeah, you’re right. Heeyu~ (sighing sound)”


Seira glanced at them while they lamented.

Ikhan looked suspiciously at Shinwoo, who was letting out a huge yawn.

“Shinwoo. How long did you play games last night?”

“Hm? For about three hours…not including the time gaming with you…jjeob (mouth-smacking sound).”

“You’re not getting enough sleep, gaming all night.”

“Oh, really, that’s what it was! I thought something was wrong…because I was so sleepy. It wasn’t a problem with my body after all.”

Ignoring Shinwoo, Ikhan mumbled to himself. Regis, who was listening to their conversation, shook his head pitifully.

“If humans need a sufficient amount of sleep. If you do not, then the body’s condition will detoriate considerably. To summarize, Han Shinwoo. They will be in your state. It’s very irresponsible, especially because we have school today, which is very important.”


At his haughty chiding, Ikhan and Shinwoo sweat-dropped and laughed awkwardly.


Rai was lacking expression, as usual, and was just walking on without saying anything. They chatted nonstop all along the way to the school. The people around them were also unceasingly talkative.

Those people were staring at the group of children, but they had their eyes on Rai only, looking dumbstruck. The people who regained their senses looked away from him, only to lose them again when Regis and Seira caught their eye.

As they neared the school, the number of stares their way diminished as more and more students surrounded them. It was because the students were used to seeing Rai, Regis and Seira at school. Even so, they were more than happy to steal glances at them occasionally.

At the front gate, their homeroom teacher Pedro was standing with his hands folded behind his back.

“Hello, Teacher.”

“Good morning~”
The kids greeted brightly, bowing their heads.

“So, you’ve all come.” (duh?)

As a disheveled Shinwoo entered Pedro’s line of sight, the teacher grinned.

“You’ve come on time today, Shinwoo. Keuh~ this teacher is glad. I’m saved from being embarassed in front of the other teachers today. You see, when it’s my turn at the front gate, Han Shinwoo is late 100% of the time.”


Pedro laughed good-naturedly while Shinwoo scratched his head and chuckled uncertainly. Suddenly Pedro stopped and cleared his throat.

“Ehem~ That’s that. You kids hurry on up to the classroom.”


“Because of you guys the front gate’s getting crowded.”

Pedro motioned for the children to look behind them.

The students were stopping and staring at them. More specifically, they were staring at Rai, Regis and Seira. Pedro gestured for them to hurry into the school building.


Ikhan and Shinwoo, then Yuna and Suyi laughed awkwardly and started towards the building. Rai, Seira, and Regis maintained their usual expressions and followed in a serene manner.

As they neared the school, their expressions brightened. They had spotted M-21(squee!), Takeo, and Tao heading somewhere.


Shinwoo and Ikhan yelled in unison and the trio turned their heads.


Yuna and Suyi bowed their heads.

“Hey, you guys.”

“Wow, you’ve all come together today.”

Tao waved happily and Takeo grinned at them. Differing from those two, M-21 was wearing a cold expression, mouth tightly closed in a thin line. The children were used to his reaction, however.

“Where are you going?”

“We’re going to patrol outside of school grounds. Gonna switch out with the guards on duty there now.”

Tao answered Ikhan’s question with a smiling face.


“Did you kids just arrive?”


Tao glanced at Shinwoo.

“Shinwoo’s still sleepy, huh.”

“Haha~ I was busy so I couldn’t sleep much…”

“Shinwoo’s like that everyday.”




M-21 interrupted their conversation. At his voice, Tao quit talking with the kids at looked at the clock (note: Most schools have a clock somewhere on the exterior of the building).

“Oh, sorry. We’d better hurry. We can’t be late for our shift.”

Before they left, the trio glanced at Rai, who was standing off to the side.


Their eyes met Rai’s. They each gave a quick, curt nod to him and urgently escaped.

“See you later, hyungs~”

“Do well in class~ And listen to your teacher.”

The hurridly retreating figures of Tao and Takeo turned and waved, smiling brightly (d’awww~).Then they turned around again and picked up their paces.

“You too, ajusshi!”


Tao and Takeo burst out laughing. The typically cold M-21 sweat-dropped and groaned. That was when…

Hee juk~

Pedro was writing something on the chalkboard with ardor and the children were hard at work at writing it down. squeezing his mouse as if he would die if he didn’t, his other hand blazing across the keyboard. Shinwoo, confident that the kids in front of him would block his sleeping form, was snoring so

. Shinwoo, confident that the kids in front of him would block his sleeping form, was snoring soundly with his head on his desk.

Yuna and Suyi were diligently writing in their notebooks. Seira and Regis were taking notes from their textbooks.


At the very back of the classroom, next to the window, Rai was gazing out of the window silently. His line of sight shifted now and then, from the students taking their P.E. class on the field, the buildings and forest surrounding the school, to the clear blue sky and the piercingly bright sun…

Hwii ee ing~

A cool breeze blew through the open window. It ruffled Rai’s hair, making the individual strands dance. And just for a second, he closed his eyes partway.


A quiet sound of suprise left Suyi’s mouth. Without meaning to, she blushed.

She had happened to see Rai just as the wind blew through his hair when she turned her head to the side. Nobody else could look as magnificent as he was. Right now, Rai’s could make anybody’s heart beat faster.

Not looking away from Rai, Suyi leaned foward and whispered in to Yuna’s ear, wo was sitting in front of her.

“Hey, Yuna.”


Yuna looked up from her notes. “I mean, Rai…doesn’t he look really cool?”


Yuna was suprised at Suyi’s unexpected question. She subconciously glanced over her shoulder at Rai.

“It’s just Rai…”

Yuna looked at him, and her face turned red. Even though they always hung out together, they still weren’t used to his looks. If they weren’t concious enough, he could easily make their hearts flutter.

Suyi supported her chin with one arm.

“Seira and Regis are like that, too…Where in the world do kids like them come from? You’ve seen all those people staring at Rai and Seira and Regis, right?”

Yuna thought about the countless people that stared at those three and nodded.

“Yeah. But…don’t you have it tough, too?”


Suyi cocked her head.

“You’re such a popular celebrity…”

Yuna trailed off uncertainly. Suyi understood and giggled.

Yuna was trying to ask if a famous person like Suyi was fine with being ignored and losing all the attention to their three friends.

“It’s pleasant for me, actually. It’s tiring, being stared at all the time…I would be fine even if it weren’t like that. Those kids aren’t ordinary kids, after all…”


Yuna laughed softly at Suyi’s playful tone.

“Who was that?!”

Pedro must have heard, because he stopped writing on the chalkboard and whirled around. The two girls stiffened.

Kudangtata~ Kudangtang~!

A large racket was made as a chair flew backwards. Shinwoo bolted up.

“Yessir. Han Shinwoo at your service!”


Everyone was stunned into silence. Shinwoo was absolutely remarkable. Sleeping through the whole class and making a huge scene waking up…

Pedro was startled and placed a hand over his chest like a person who had a heart attack.

Shinwoo stared at the teacher with wide, innocent eyes, as if he had not just snoozed through the whole class up until now. It would have been convincing but for the redshot sclera, the deep imprint on his cheek and the drool around his mouth. No human could be in that state just by drowsing for a minute or two.


Ikhan sighed and shook his head.


Regis snorted pityingly.

“O-Oh no…”

“What should we do? Because of us Shinwoo…”

They whispered covering their mouths with their hands. Both girls were at a loss.


Seira was expressionlessly watching the scene. And…


From the start, when the chair noisily clattered backwards, Rai had not looked up from the window once, as if disinterested.

After studying Shinwoo for a while, Pedro finally spoke.

“Han Shinwoo.”


“Get over here.”
End of Noblesse S Episode 1.

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Episode 2: A New Start(2)

This episode picks up where we left off. Class with Pedro ended, and Yoona and Suyi are apoligizing to Shinwoo. Turns out that Pedro gave him a headlock…it must have hurt like hell, cuz that guy is built like a pro wrestler. Meanwhile, Rai stares out of the window, watching the students scurry like ants towards the cafeteria. He thinks that humans haven’t changed much since their hunter-gatherer days, lol. As the students file out Shinwoo jumps on a desk and announces that he will buy lunch for all of them with the allowance from his dad. They head to the cafeteria, but alas! Shinwoo has misplaced his wallet! Everyone else has left their wallets behind in the classroom. Rai steps up. He nods when Ikhan asks him if he wants to pay. They start to examine the menu, but Regis intimidates them into buying ramen. Before they could choose what kind of ramen they want, Regis just goes ahead and orders 7 bowls of classic ramen. Rai takes out a credit card issued to him by Frankenstein. Everyone looks at him and sweat-drops. He should’ve known by now that the school cafeteria didn’t take credit cards…The kids start to run to the classroom for their wallets but Regis stops them. It’s rude, after all, to refuse Rai-nim’s offer. Even when he can’t pay. Seira offers to cook lunch for them in the school kitchens, but she learns that students are prohibited there. Ikhan suggests that they ask Principal Lee to pay. The cafeteria ladies are annoyed, when there’s a rich celebrity girl right there, but they are intimidated by Regis. They call Frankenstein, who says to let the kids do whatever they want with his money. The fangirls girls in their class overhear Suyi and Yoona scolding Shinwoo for making Rai pay, and they beg Rai to buy them lunch. He nods. Their make counterparts complain about gender discrimination, so Rai agrees to buy them lunch, too. Pretty soon, all the students in the school gather around Rai. The following scene ensues.

Regis: Attention, everyone!

Regis’s voice echoed in the cafeteria.

Regis: Today, out of the kindness of his heart, Rai-nim has blessed us with providing enough classic-style ramen for all!

Crowd: Hear hear~!

The crowd applauded at his words.

Regis: A word from you, please.

Regis politely stepped off to the side. The students stopped their noisy chatter as Rai stepped up.

Rai opened his mouth slowly.

Rai: …Ramen.

Just a single word. The overflowing charisma-!


The crowd cheered as they marveled at Rai’s marvelous charisma.

Regis was overwhelmed with emotion. Shinwoo and Ikhan jumped up and down, shouting with the rest.

End scene:

Meanwhile, at Principal Lee’s office, he recieves a call notifying him of the huge Ramen Party. Not a single student had returned to the classrooms. This episode ends with Frankenstein speechless with shock.
End of Noblesse S Episode 2.
Episode 3:The Shadow of Darkness(01)

This episode starts off in a conference room with 30 buff, scarred guys standing in a row. A middle-aged man, presumably their leader, walks up and down the row. He is reminding them of their mission, telling them not to forget that they’re shadows of darkness or something.

In Principal Lee’s office, Frankenstein is minding his own business when a lady walks in and tell him that Ahn Dae Chil wants to see him. This guy is the one who called Franky and imformed him of the Great Ramen Party last episode, and I think that we’ll be seeing more of him. Cool name, btw. He is a former soldier who was scouted by Frankenstein himself, and is the captain of the Ye Ran special security unit. He and Frankenstein have barely encountered each other, though, so the latter was surprised when he requested. Ahn Dae Chil comes in and blabs about how he and his coworkers are the Guardians of Ye Ran, and how they are grateful for Principal Lee hiring them and letting them protect the students and acknowledging their skills and such. All Frankenstein does is look at him weirdly. Then the young lady from earlier comes in with tea. She blushes for some reason. After she leaves, Ahn Dae Chil blabs some more and finally gets to the point. He is worried about the faltering order of the school. He thinks it’s because of the Ramen Party. To be exact, the No. 0341 Ramen Party Madness, as he calls it. Frankenstein is like
( http://s1165.photobucket.com/albums/q591/bubblePOP410/Animated%20Gifs/?action=view&current=113-1.gif ) (.gif not allowed here)
the whole time. Ahn Dae Chil lowers his voice and says that what he is about to reveal is classified information. The Ye Ran Special Guard members had joined the party and ate ramen. Tao, Takeo, and M-21 (They’re called the Nakhasan Saminbang, which translates to Parachute Trio, but I have no idea why…). Ahn Dae Chil is more jealous than mad about them abandoning their duties, however. The trio was always up to irresponible acts like this, but Frankenstein had let them slide because they were good at their jobs. Ahn Dae Chil went on, complaining about their misbehavior.

First, M-21 (Ahn Dae Chil calls him “the guy who came first”). A guy who thought himself a lone wolf, but was completely shunned by others before the other two came along. There was a heavy atmosphere whenever he was around, and looks down upon people of higher rank. Also, he glares too much, which is annoying. Frankenstein chuckles softly to himself as he thinks of M-21. Ahn Dae Chil moves on to Tao. A dude that looks like a woman, but acts like an immature little boy, joking around with the studentsand playing around. The atmosphere is too light with him around. Frankenstein laughs again as he thinks of the chattery Tao. Lastly, Takeo. Ahn Dae Chil thinks he’s the most OK one, but his hairstyle is ughhh. His hair is waist-length, AND he puts it up in a ponytail. Unfit for a school security guard, as he should be a role model for the students. Frankenstien awkwardly laughs again as he thinks of Takeo, who isn’t a troublemaker at all but has a strange taste in hairstyles.

Ahn Dae Chil is annoyed that they mingle with the students, when the Ye Ran security guards are supposed to be “shadows.” The students have too much interest in them, especially the girls, who follow them around everywhere as if they were BIGBANG. He says that this is unacceptable. The perfect order of Ye Ran High School is in danger! He wants Frankenstein to grant his team an exclusive right to test the trio to see what their talents are and if they are fit to be security guards of Ye Ran. Frankenstein agrees. After Ahn Dae Chil leaves, Franky calls the trio to his office.

After leaving the office, Ahn Dae Chil laughs like a mad scientist. His plan is going well. Then he runs into M-21, Tao and Takeo, who were on their way to Principal Lee’s office. He greets Tao and Takeo by their names, but calls M-21 ishii, and laughs like a maniac, saying that he found out M-21′s name, which was kept as a secret. He continues laughing like a psycho down the hallway. Pity. I thought he would be a cool character. Anyways, the trio think that he called M-21 that because he heard Tao and Takeo call M-21 “Ishib-il”, which is Korean for 21, their nickname for him. They all sweat-drop, and ponder about the reason why the Principal called them.

Back in Pricipal Lee’s office. The three fidget uncomfortably in the dark atmosphere. After a while, Principal Lee asks them why they had joined the Ramen Party a few days ago, instead of keeping conduct. Takeo and M-21 stammer, trying to think of a good excuse. Then, Tao stands up. Saying, “Irukung…jeorukung… yeorokung..jeorokung…(like this, like that),” he dances around the room, sticking his tongue out.
End of Noblesse S Episode 3.

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Episode 4: The Shadows of Darkness (02)
ur favorite trio is walking down after work, with M-21 and Takeo being glum and Tao whistling and skipping along. They had suffered for what seemed like hours under Frankenstein’s disapproving gaze, and it was all Tao’s fault.

<What happened at the Ramen Party a few days ago>

Takeo, Tao, and M-21 were patroling the school when they heard a huge commotion from the cafeteria. They hurried to see what it was, and found the Ramen Party in full swing. Students eating ramen were everywhere. Naturally, Tao wanted to join the party, and danced around. Naturally, Takeo and M-21 lectured about how it was their duty as the Special Guard Unit to put order to the school and how immature it was of Tao, but before they knew it they were seated with chopsticks in their hands and irresistable, steaming bowls of ramen in front of them.


That was fine, as Tao was always doing stuff like that. But this time, it was clear that someone had ratted them out. And because of that someone, their salaries had almost gotten lowered. But it was thanks to Tao’s wheedling that nothing bad happened, although they weren’t grateful to him at all. Takeo and M-21 were silent the whole way to the Franky House. They said nothing even as the children greeted them (“Hey, the hyungs and ajusshi have arrived!”LOL), and as they donned their pink aprons and rubber gloves. They were not happy. Not Tao, who immediately started chatting with the kids and stuffing his face with Seira’s food.

Early next morning, the trio meet outside their doors. They had recieved a text telling them to come to the school’s outdoor field. They put on their uniforms on and walk to the living room, where they almost got heart attacks. Rai was sitting on the sofa, reading something in the dark while sipping tea. Creepy. They greet him nervously, and Rai nods slightly. As they walk to the side, they catch a glimpse of what Rai was reading so intently. Popular Online Games Magazine. Figures.

They arrive at the school field. Ahn Dae Chil was there already. He says that he sent the text message early to test them on their obligation or whatever. Tao talks back to him cheerfully, saying how that was no challenge, which annoys him. Ahn Dae Chil’s Subordinate A explains that they would be testing them, to see if they were qualified for their posts. Takeo and M-21 are taken aback at the suddeness.

First test, run 30 laps around the field (remember how Shinwoo was dying when he had to run 8 laps?) with the other security guard. Easy peazy lemon squeazy. They run far ahead of the others, talking about internet shopping all the way, and have to pretend to be breathless when they’re done. They impress the other security guards, but annoy Ahn Dae Chil. Seeing that their plan to kick them out is not going well, Sub A suggests that they see what their talents are and mock them. They take out files.

Takeo’s talent is long range shooting, so they pair an expert in shooting with him. Tao’s is hacking, so a pro hacker for him. M-21 (or Ishii)’s talent is hand-to-hand fighting. He gets a whole team of security guards.

A couple hours later, the results are out. Takeo is the best shooter they have ever seen, and Tao’s hacking skills blew their minds. And M-21 just pwned.

Ahn Dae Chil is shocked. Sub A suggests that he get counseling from Principal Lee.
End of Noblesse S Episode 4

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Episode 5: Help is Dugun Dugun (heartbeat)~? 01

Nothing much happens in this chapter, mostly a fighting scene (Shinwoo VS Three Girls). There’s another new character, though.

This time Ikhan and Shinwoo are walking home after school. They had been late that morning (because of Shinwoo as usual) and as punishment, had to clean. They are heading to the Franky House to get some food. Then, they spot three girls harassing one girl. The three had different uniforms on. Seeing that Shinwoo and Ikhan had Ye Ran (which was a private school for rich kids) uniforms, they (called Female Students A, B, and C) decided to take their wallets. They try to beat up Shinwoo, but fail miserably. Shinwoo offers to let them go if they let the girl go, but they don’t believe him. So Shinwoo punches Female Student C and runs off with the girl. Female Students A,B, and C swear revenge and run off to find their oppas.

The girl thanks the boys and introduces herself as Lee Se Yeong. She’s in the same grade as them (2nd grade of high school, which means they’re around 16) and goes to Se Ha High School for Girls. Then she asks for Shinwoo’s number. Pretty smooth, there.

Actually, she’s timid, but wants to thank him properly later. As they leave, she watches them with a slight smile on her face.

They meet everyone at the Franky House (called Franken House in Korean, but I like Franky House better). The guys congradulate and make fun of Shinwoo getting a girl’s number, and Seira calls him cool. No visible sign of jealousy, however. Suddenly, ten or so motorcycles gather around the house. The leader is Female Student C’s boyfriend. He warns them to be prepared to meet his gang at Ye Ran the next day, and drives off with his buddies.
End of Noblesse S Episode 5.

Episode 6: Help is Dugun Dugun (heartbeat)~? 02

It’s 9:20 PM, and Suyi, Shinwoo, Ikhan and Yuna have left. Rai is sipping tea while Frankenstein is mentally sobbing over the havoc wreaked (aka crumbs) by the kids. Seira and Regis are cleaning up and Takeo and M-21 are doing the dishes. Then Tao comes in with his laptop. He presses a key on the keyboard, and a huge white screen comes down, which shocks Frankenstein (this episdoe is where the screen is first shown in the series). Tao explains that it seemed to go well with the living room, so he secretly installed it while Frankenstein was out. He says that he is going to look up Lee Seyeong, the girl that Shinwoo rescued from the Female Students, which interests everyone (Rai puts down his teacup). Hacking into the local CCTV system, he finds the girl’s face in seconds. He zooms in alot, which annoys M-21, saying it’s inappropriate. Tao promptly tells him to GTFO.

The next day, during class, 20 guys riding 16 motorcycles park in front of the front gate of Ye Ran. After admiring the school, the leader yells for the punks who messed with his girlfriend, Female Student C, to come out. Then the gang breaks down the gate and drive their motorcycles inside. The teachers and students look out the windows, excited. The gangters yell stuff, trying to act intimidating, but nobody hears because of the loud engines.

Ahn Dae Chil and Subordinate A head out after watching the moniter. They aren’t in very high spirits since they failed at kicking the Parachute Trio out. Ahn Dae Chil is pissed at the gang for ruining the order of the school, and for defying the Guardians of Ye Ran and

. He tells Subordinate A to send out the guards on break and to…cover the gangsters in Ink of Eternity??

Tao is buying the other two juice because he sucks at rock-paper-scissors when ten guys wearing uniforms march out. Then the trio get messages from their walky-talkies alerting them of the trouble at the front gate. They run out.

After school, Shinwoo is packing his bag. Ikhan needed to do something for his uncle and Yuna and Suyi had gone shopping. Rai, Regis and Seira had been with Frankenstein since lunch. It was a while since Shinwoo had to walk home alone. He is walking along when he hears a voice behind him. It was Lee Seyeong. She had been waiting for him (STALKER??

). It was because Shinwoo didn’t reply back to her text message sight before the dismissal bell, which he hadn’t seen because he was asleep at that time. She wants to buy him dinner for saving her the other day. Shinwoo is about to accept when they are interrupted by a ripped, angry guy named Lim Gukhan. He is angry because Seyeong, his girlfriend, lied about being busy. Seyeong tries to explain, and Shinwoo tries to help by saying “Gukhan-ah, riraks~riraks~ (relax in Engrish)” which doesn’t help at all and pisses off the dude even more. Seyeong says that she had told Gukhan in a phone call that she was going to buy her savior dinner, but apparently Gukhan forgot. They both apologize to Shinwoo. Gukhan says that he would buy dinner for them to apologize. Shinwoo declines, but he insists. When they shake hands, Gukhan squeezes Shinwoo’s hand painfully, and for a split second his face is contorted strangely. Shinwoo yelps, but being the idiot that he is doesn’t think anything of it.

End of Noblesse S Episode 6.

Episode 7: Help is Dugun Dugun~? 03

he motorcycle gang have been beaten up by the 10 Ye Ran security guards. They decided to retreat and train until they could beat up Shinwoo.

Gukhan and Seyeong went inside a luxurious restuarant, and Shinwoo reluctantly followed. Without caring, he ordered what Gukhan ordered, which had a huge amount. Seyeong and Gukhan argued about whether bishies like Shinwoo or manly guys were better, and Gukhan decides to take Shinwoo to the gym to put some muscle on him. Then the food arrived. Shinwoo finished his before the others even cleared half their plates, but they got up anyway. Shinwoo payed for the meal as the couple quarreled over the bill.

Outside, Gukhan continued to pester Shinwoo about going to the gym as a “thank you” until three girls approached them. They were Female Students A, B, and C. Before Gukhan could land a punch, however, their oppas arrived. He and the leader seemed to be aqaintances. The girls yelled at the oppas to beat up Shinwoo, and the leader told Gukhan to hand over his girlfriend and Shinwoo. He was extra mad thanks to the incident earlier that day. Gukhan refused and ran at them while Seyeong tearfully looked on. Before he could get beat up, Shinwoo scares off the whole gang. It was then they realized that he was Han Shinwoo of Ye Ran High School. They knew that they stood no chance against him, and decided to ride away, leaving the girls far behind. But Shinwoo lets them off because they were girls. Seyeong and Gukhan stood speechless with shock. Shinwoo complimented Gukhan on his bravery and coolness before recieving a text from Ikhan and running off.

End of Noblesse S Episode 7.

Episode 8: Why Are You Like This?

Class is over, and Shinwoo and co. are thinking about going somewhere else other than Prinicipal Lee’s house because understandably, going to the same place every single day for a few months is a bit old. They decide on going to the PC Bang because they haven’t been there once since Regis and Seira arrived.

At the PC Bang Shinwoo and Ikhan teach Regis and Seira how to play a game. After a few minutes, they say they say that they are ready. To everyone’s surprise, they play like pro gamers despite that this was their first time playing an online game. However, Rai has not been able to kill anybody and is getting ruthlessly pwned. Regis’s character encounters Rai’s and takes the chance to let Rai have his first kill ever. His character runs around Rai’s, waving his arms and jumping, but it just stands still. Then Shinwoo’s character comes along and kills them both.

The next day at the school, Regis is talking to Franky about Rai’s “serious problem”. After he leaves, Franky decides to do something about it. He makes an appointment with the two highest ranked players of the game, but turns out that they are just Shinwoo and Ikhan. He dismisses them and considers taking illegal measures to help out his master, such as hacking the system and moving up Rai’s ranking. After a bit, Tao comes in joking around in his usual manner. Frankenstein sighs and thinks. “It’s not at all easy to take care of Master.”

End of Noblesse S Episode 8.

Episode 9: A Visitor in the Dawn and Master

At three in the morning, Rai sits on the couch sipping tea and reading a guide to online games by Frankenstein. He starts to eat an enhanced cookie made by Franky when he suddenly walks to the window, opens it and jumps out. Then he says the second word (in Korean, that is) so far: “So it was you?” A little brown puppy creeps out of the shadows. It couldn’t have been more than a couple weeks old. It leans against Rai’s leg. After staring at it for a while, Rai gives it the cookie he had unknowingly brought. The puppy has trouble eating it because of his tiny teeth, but manages to consume the whole thing. Rai then walks away, but the puppy waddles after him and clings to his leg.

A little while later, Rai sips tea while Frankenstein stares at the puppy. Rai said that it was something that needed his help, so he took it in. The RK-4 and Seira walk down the stairs and are surprised. Tao takes out his laptop and looks up what breed it is (mongrel). Then Seira flips the dog over and declares that it’s male, which horrifies everyone. Tao hacks into the CCTV system to find the dog’s owner, but it was a homeless orphan. He concludes that there was no choice but to turn the puppy into the canine version of Iron Man, Iron Dog. Unfortunately, Frank was against that. Right then, the dog crouches strangely. By the time someone realized what was happening, it was too late. Frankenstein screamed. There was dog poop on his precious floor. Everyone goes into panic mode, and Franky orders Takeo to pick up the poop with applying the right amount of pressure. Buthat also applies too much pressure, which makes the poops break, sending Franky into spaz mode again. Seira steps in and magically makes the mess disappear. Frankenstein brings out special disinfectant and sprays both the floor and the dogs butt, but is only satisfied when the clean detector says that it’s clean. Rai was ignoring the whole scene while sipping tea. The puppy scampers over to him and hugs his legs. After a bit, Rai slowly reaches out a hand and touches the dog. Then he strokes it slowly, with the dog wagging and closing his eyes.

End of Noblesse S Episode 9.

Episode 10: I Need Protection 01

(Note from summary writter: I’ll just translate the whole e-mails because it’s less confusing that way.)

Bored to death in class, Suyi decides to check her e-mail for the first time in a week. She flips through her fanmail until one sparks her interest.
Subject: Suyi unni, I’m a true fan~^^
(Note: she uses -yo, something added to the end of the sentence to be polite)
-Unni, I’m unni’s fan. I want to be friends with you. So I want to be able to contact you. Could you please tell me your number to send a text or your address to send fanmail? Thank you~^^

Suyi thinks that it’s cute, and feels guilty that her request was impossible to fullfil. Then she sees another mail sent by the same person.
-Suyi unni, it’s me~ It’s your dongsaeng (person who’s younger than you) from yesterday. I asked you to tell me~^^ I promise to not tell anyone, so please tell me. I’ll be waiting~

Suyi feels even guiltier. Then…
-Unni, why did you not reply yet? I promised to keep it to myself, so why are are you not telling me? Do you not believe me? I’m getting quite unhappy. I’ll be waiting.
It was that person. Suyi was confused. She scrolled down…
-Can you not trust anyone?
(Note: she doesn’t use -yo, which is extremly rude if you’re talking to a stranger or someone older to you who you’re no close to)
Have you been blinded by the popularity you have been getting lately? Let’s see how long you last.
Suyi’s expression hardens, and she sighs. She flips through the mail again until another of the person’s messages turns up, as she expected.
-Suyi, you’re such a bitch. A popular celebrity like you should disappear. No, you should rather die.
Shocked, Suyi shuts off her smartphone.

After school, her friends notice that she was depressed and she reluctantly shows them the mail. She reveals that she recieves threatening letters all the time but kept them secret so they wouldn’t be worried. They are shocked, but even more so when Suyi says that around the hate mail started coming in, she felt like someone was stalking her. She then excuses herself. Worried, Shinwoo and the rest go to Principal Lee. He assures them that he would protect a precious student of Ye Ran at all costs. M-21, Tao, and Takeo were still in the room. Tao says that he would use his hacking skills to watch Suyi’s house’s surroundings but the puppy had destroyed all his equipment, choking up as he thought about it. Frankenstein says that no matter what, they had to protect Suyi from danger. He offers them a raise, something that was unexpected, but awesome.

It’s 11 pm and Suyi turns down her manager oppa’s offer to walk her to her door when he drops her off near her place. But before she could reach her house, a strange dude steps in front of her, asking for her autograph and picture. Suyi is creeped out, but then recognizes the voice. Takeo oppa! He says that he came to check on her, and insists on walking her to her door. When they reach it, they find that it’s already open. Takeo gravely suggest that they go to the Franky House.

End of Noblesse S Episode 10.

Episode 11: I Need Protection 02

It’s almost midnight, and Suyi and Takeo are back at the Franky House. Suyi’s parents did their activities in the rural areas of the country, so she lives alone. She hadn’t contacted them yet. There was not much damage done; only some cash and jewelry were missing. Suyi didn’t want them to call the police because of possible complications with her company. She had contacted her company and told them to pick her up at this house. Takeo tells her to also tell them to not send bodyguards because she had her oppas to protect her (d’awww). Frankenstein was suggesting informing Ahn Dae Chil about this when he when Suyi interrupts. Frankenstein screams (OH NOOOOOOOO in English). Too late. The poop was already on the floor. Holding back his tears (like a man!) he barks orders at Tao and Takeo. Suyi wonders aloud if the puppy would actually listen to anyone, and the others look at M-21. He reluctantly calls the puppy over and orders him to do various orders: left paw, right paw, roll over, speak, back flip, front flip. The puppy does all of them without hesitation, which is shocking because canines usually aren’t born with the ability to understand Korean. Then Frankenstein tells Suyi to sleep in the spare room on the third floor, where Seira’s room is. They go up, but Suyi asks Seira to stay with her because she was scared. They have girl talk, or actually, Suyi talking while Seira listens. She says how living with males must be tiring, but fun. At least better than being alone and lonely. Rai was cool, Regis was sometimes cute like a little brother, Takeo oppa was reliable like a big bro, Tao oppa was fun, and M-21 ajusshi was cold and stiff. She regrets that she couldn’t grow up as a normal kid with Suyi, Ikhan, and Yuna, and is sorry that she makes them worry all the time.

The next day, Suyi is the last one to wake up. When her manager oppa comes, he isn’t alone. He had brought bodyguards anyway. She tries to refuse them when the trio come up behind her and say that they were her bodyguards. The pro bodyguards scoff at the “amateurs” and drive away in their car by by themselves.

End of Noblesse S Episode 11.

Episode 12: I Need Protection 03

Suyi’s manager oppa,Deuksoo, drives Suyi and her new bodyguards, M-21, Tao, and Takeo to the broadcasting station. Everybody thinks that the trio are foreign models, and the other bodyguards think that they’re some kind of joke, especially four random dudes. When Suyi is waiting for her shoot, the lighting directly overhead her comes loose and crashes down, but Takeo easily deflects it. While Tao searches for the reason why it fell, the four bodyguards from earlier accuse Suyi’s bodyguards of almost killing. Suyi declares bullsh*t and the psycho dudes tell her to rue her actions (for what? Defending her friends against false accusations that could get them jailed for years?). After they leave, Suyi begs the trio to go home because she can’t stand them being treated like monkey poo. They think that this is nothing compared to the treatment at the Union.

At the Franky House, Tao and Takeo clean up after the puppy (who is being stroked by Rai) as they discuss the situation with Frankenstein. He tells Suyi not to worry, as he would do everything he could to fix this.

End of Noblesse S Episode 12.

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Episode 13: The Darkness That Approached the Franky House 01

Shinwoo is trying to reason with Frankenstein about staying at his house for vacation. The kids had already brought their huge bags of luggage over, and all they need is Franky’s permission. Frankenstein is very visibly annoyed, but caves in when Suyi begs him. M-21, Tao, and Takeo were also staying at the house. Frankenstein had given them a break for doing a good job of protecting Suyi, and they had been overjoyed. He expected them to go overseas or something, but they decided to stay, much to his dismay. Seira and Regis were also staying, because they found no need to visit Lukedonia. He wanted a friendly vacation with his master, but instead he was getting a noisy, stressful week.

Everyone is at the indoor pool in the Franky House. The children are splashing around in the pool, Tao is loading the puppy with strange swimming gear, and everyone else is chilling on the beach chairs. After a while, Shinwoo and Ikhan decide to throw people into the pool. Yoona and Suyi went first. Then the boys look around for more victims. They avoid Seira and Regis, and approach Rai. However, when Rai raises his hand, there is an unexplainable force repelling them away from him. So the two go over to Tao, who was working on some remote with the puppy swimming near him. Shinwoo and Ikhan both push Tao, but they are somehow thrown into the pool by him. Tao then shows them what the remote he made does. He pushed a button, and artificial waves came pulsing out of the far wall. The kids are overjoyed, while Frankenstein feels the opposite. He goes over to reprimand Tao for building stuff like that without permission in other people’s pools when there is suddenly a tsunami. Everyone flees in time but everything else is demolished by the huge wave. Tao nervously promises to fix everything. The kids agree that despite being almost being killed, they had a blast. Meanwhile, Frankenstein’s feelings are crashing around like a tsunami.

End of Noblesse S Episode 13.

Episode 14: The Darkness That Approached the Franky House 02
Everybody except Frankenstein, Rai and Seira are cleaning up after the artificially created tsunami. The trio were working seriously while the kids were messing around as usual. When Seira call them over after finishing making dinner, they stampede over. M-21 was impressing the kids with his doggy controlling skills at the request of Suyi when the lights suddenly go out. Tao says that it the tsunami must have consumed too much power and caused a temporary blackout. The kids do the obvious thing and demand a ghost story from Tao. Tao starts a story about a time five years ago, when he was still working for the union.

Tao: That time, I was working late at night outside. I was separated from my colleagues and all alone. It was raining heavily, too. People usually don’t like working when it’s raining, right? But it was particularly worse for me. I was working in a very dense forest, so it was dark, darker than right now. The sound of the rain was loud enough to for me to not hear my own footsteps. It was impossible to detect anything or anyone out there.

Everyone: Gulp~

The kids were nervous. All alone in a dark forest in the rain…This sounded like the perfect scary story.

Tao: I was feeling strange.

Yuna: S-strange?

Tao: (nods) Yes, I was sensing something ominous….

Everyone: …

Tao: I bolted away from there. Luckily, I discovered a small cave then. I put down my bag in a spot and hurriedly took out my equipment. I took out my special laptop Ultra Number Five. But just then, when I pushed the power button…”

Everyone: ??

Tao: It didn’t turn on. My sense of foreboding was spot on. Even though I had wrapped my laptop in protective covers to keep the rain out, the little bastard managed to get wet. Ultra Number Five… wet…dammit…I was so scared…that night…I was terrified of the fact that the bastard was going to leave me.

Tao rocked back and forth in the fetal position.

Everyone: ……………

Takeo: (Grave expression) When I lost my favorite gun, I was also scared that I would never see my baby again.

The kids couldn’t think of anything to say to the two depressed people, so they turn to M-21 and ask him if he had experienced anything scary lately. M-21 immediately thinks of the time when he had first met Frankenstein and sighs. At that moment, the lights turn on. Tao asks Takeo and M-21 to help him check on the system, and the kids return to their rooms, taking their noise with them, and leaving Frankenstein and Rai alone.
Franky thinks of the time he and Rai were the only ones in the huge mansion and Rai smiles.

End of Noblesse S Episode 14.

( If you have read carefully till now,you might have noticed that I used 'episode' instead of chapter. The blogger used "episode" for every "chapter" (he named every summary post as an different episode) and I decided to go woth the original. So until now,we have only covered 7 episodes in the last 14 chapters. I will continue to use "episode" instead of "chapter" in order to avoid confusiob even if blogger decides to go with the second. )

Episode 15: Sigh
Early morning, M-21 suddenly wakes up and jumps out of bed, feeling another presence in the room. He spots Tao lying on the floor, sleeping. M-21 yells at Tao for sleeping in his room without permission, and Tao says that

his room is so full of his equipment that there’s nowhere for him to sleep. Takeo had a lot of stuff in his room, too so Tao came to M-21′s room instead. M-21 is displeased about this but says nothing. They all meet in the living room (the puppy greets M-21 and he pets it awwww). The trio head to the school first and the kids leave the house soon after.

After school, Yuna asks the others if they could help her with something but they’re all busy. So she goes to the supermarket alone, unsure if she can do it herself. She buys a ton of ingredients for the dinner she wanted to make because she felt sorry for Seira who always did the cooking. She finds it very hard to carry it all back. Then M-21 comes and picks up the bags from behind and says that he would carry it for her. They walk along until they pass a coffee shop. Yuna offers to buy him tea but he ignores her. She sadly says that she wanted to thank him, and M-21 sits down at a table. Yuna perks up and go buys two cups of coffee. She apologizes about the inconvenience that the kids are causing at the Franky house, but M-21 says that it’s no big deal (and catches himself before saying the only inconvenience was Frankenstein). On the way to the house, Yuna gives him a doggie treat for the puppy, wondering why it obeyed M-21 so well, making M-21 uncomfortable.

The next morning, M-21 comes down from his bed and almost steps on Tao and Takeo. He yells at Takeo for sleeping in his room, too. Takeo sheepishly explains that Tao started putting his stuff in his room because there was no room in his own, and asks if he could stay here for a couple days. M-21 just sighs.

End of Noblesse S Episode 15.

Episode 16: A Day in the Life of Franky

At 4:30 am, Franky turns off the classical music he was listening to and changes clothes. Downstairs, he meets Tao at the refrigerator. Tao asks him cautiously if the he always wore his suit this early, for his wear did not seem comfortable at all. Franky answers yes, as if it were obvious. Tao asks if he wears his suits to sleep, and Franky says that he changes suits in the morning.

Franky heads on down to the D-room (see ep. 1) and makes a pair of shoes at the speed of light. After careful inspection, he declares the shoes perfect and leaves the D-room at 6:40.

Everybody else was having breakfast noisily. Disappointed that his moment of peace and was over, he stands by and cringes every time a crumb drops on his floor. After eating, everybody go to school.

7:10. Franky jumps from building to building. Usually he drove to school but due to the kids leaving late he had no choice but to take the fast way. He discreetly enters his office through the window. He sits down and starts researching games. In no time there is a large pile of online game handbooks that he made. He leaves the office and patrols the school. He then goes outside to check on his master at the window. Although it didn’t look like it, Rai was listening carefully to the lesson. After a brief run-in with the trio, he goes inside and reviews some tests.

After the weekly staff meeting, he returns to a noisy snack party. The kids were making a huge mess but thankfully Regis was cleaning up using his Noble powers. Every speck of dust that touched his hand disappeared. M-21 and Takeo were dutifully doing the dishes while Tao was goofing with the kids. Franky leads them to the lab and gives them an update on their state. Staying long after they leave, Franky does a lot of research and experiments until 3:00 am. On his way up, he sees Rai who asks him for tea. They sit on the couch for a while, sipping tea together.

Franky Fact: Franky needs much less sleep and food than the average human. It doesn’t say whether the Nobles are like that, though.
End of Noblesse S Episode 16.


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Episode 17: A Walk
It is 1 am. Rai is reading a magazine when the puppy comes in. It runs around a bit before going over to Rai and sitting at his feet. After looking down at the dog for a while, Rai puts down the magazine and goes outside, the pup

py at his heels. They walk along the dark street until they reach a part that is hidden. Then Rai grabs the puppy and leaps up. He jumps over the tall buildings, the puppy in his arms being scared out of its wits. He pets it and it calms down, looking around with interest. o Tao is typing away at his computer (in his very crowded room) when he hears a single knock. He becomes terrified when the door opens slowly, and is shocked when he sees Rai at the doorway. Rai had never come to his room before. Tao asks him what he wants while the puppy comes in, explores the room and goes out again. Rai closes the door behind the puppy, not answering Tao’s question. Tao sits quietly in shock for a while. Rai visits Takeo in his room, and he reacts like Tao.

After Takeo, Rai goes to M-21′s room. M-21 had been transforming his hand and back until he heard Rai’s knock. He stares at Rai, not noticing the puppy which was touring the room, even when it barks at him before leaving. As before, Rai closed the door after the puppy went out.

Next stop was Regis’s room. He was agonizing about how to serve Rai better, and is delighted when he finds Rai at his door. He was so happy he didn’t see the puppy at all, but Rai closed the door in his face while he was blabbing.

Seira puts away the cookbook she was reading and goes to answer the scratching at the door. Rai and the puppy leave once the puppy finishes touring her room.

Frankenstein is listening to classical music and chilling when Rai comes in. He and the puppy stay for tea and snacks. He asks what they were doing and Rai replies they were taking a walk. Rai waits until the puppy finishes his snack and they go back to the couch in the living room. The puppy falls asleep on Rai’s lap while he reads his magazine.

End of Noblesse S Episode 17.

Episode 18: The Awaited Day 01
Frankenstein was working at his desk when his phone rang. It brought him terrible news…

In class, the kids were staring at the chalkboard that read “Midterms”. Pedro had announced tthe test was coming up soon. The nobles were clueless about it, so the others explained. Nobody had done any studying at all, so they decided to study together at the headmaster’s house every night until the test.

At the Franky House, Frankenstein was crazy worried about the midterms and his master. When the trio came in, they had a discussion about what to do, but the best thing they could come up with was to ban tests in the whole country XD. Then the kids came in. They told their plan about studying together for the test to Frank. If they studied together, it would be more enjoyable. Plus they had Ikhan, who being typical fictional nerd character was of course the top student in the grade. Franky thought that this was a good idea, and maybe his master could have a shot.

However, the only thing the kids got done was procrastinating.

After 30 min. of studying~
Shinwoo: Hey I’m hungry lol let’s eat
Everybody: Yeah. (Seira magically appears with food and everyone has dinner)
Shinwoo: Hey I’m full so let’s play some games while the food digests
Everyone: Yeah.
(2 hours later~)
Shinwoo: Let’s get studying now.
Everyone: Yeah.
(30 min. later~)
Everyone: *snore*
(Blogger Note: may not be exact translation but it’s pretty darn close.)

End of Noblesse S Episode 18

Episode 19: The Awaited Days 02
Frankenstein was still getting his panties in a bunch due to the midterms. He wasn’t going to ban all tests because Rai wouldn’t be pleased about it, but he couldn’t think of

another idea. Frank was worried for a number of reasons, like Rai feeling mortified at his results and being humiliated in front of others.

Meanwhile the trio were wondering about a strange feeling just had, similar to when Rai took off his earring seal. They were worried, but had no idea about it. They weren’t the only ones that felt it. Ahn Dae Chil was chilling (pun not intended) in his office when he was suddenly shivering (cause he was CHIL-/shot) all over for no reason. Thinking that it was a warning from the heavens, he immediately knelt down and started to pray in order to cleanse his soul or some crap.

In the classroom, the kids were asking each other about the night before. They all had circles under their eyes, but the only ones who did any studying was the nerd and the young nobles. Seira enjoyed reading books, including textbooks, to the kids’ surprise. Shinwoo called for another group study (he’s a terrible leader), and everybody agreed (they are even terrible-er subs).

Outside the classroom window, Franky was watching his master reading a textbook. He could tell that Rai was worrying about the test ’cause he hardly did anything but stare out the window. Watching him from afar was the trio, wondering what was up with the boss. After a moment Frank caught sight of them, and told them to come to his office. Very nervous, the trio followed.

End of Noblesse S Episode 19.

Note:This is the last summary which was available. Sorry!


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Earlier chapters of Noblesse S are now free for everyone! Each week three new chapters are made free!!

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Wow, almost up to 50 chapters now. Where exactly does it prompt you to pay before looking? I can access ALL of the chapters for free. Does this mean they can be translated now?


Good...It's all actual text & not images of printed text. This means you can read it with Google Translate.

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