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    I'm gonna put some reviews of the Manga/ Manhwa I read here:

    Absolute Witch: I loved this manhwa; the art is gorgeous, the story well written and I found it very original. It's the story of Skyla, a young witch with no powers born in a world where witches disappeared. The whole takes place in a fantasy/medieval world.

    Fullmetal Alchemist: This manga (and the anime) is close to perfect: the plot, the characters, the ending... it all fits perfectly well. One of my all-time favourites.

    Silver Spoon: Same author as Fullmetal Alchemist, yet a completely different plot: Hachiken goes on purpose to an agricultural high-school in order to escape from the elite school system he resents. He will discover a completely new world and grow a lot through the experiences and friends he meets. Really nice manga.

    Kyo, koi hajimemasu: One of my all-time favourites. If you're looking for a GOOD shoujo (meaning, halfay realistic) where the couple actually kisses before chapter 150 and with decent character development, don't hesitate.

    Sukite ii na yo (Say I love you): Sweet shoujo manga, also pretty realistic. I like the fact that the story doesn't only revolve around the main characters' love story, but those around them as well.

    Monkey High: I loved this manga; really sweet and heartwarming love story between a girls and a very cheerful boy.

    Sakamichi no Apollon: The story of 3 high-school friends growing up in Japan in the 60s. I highly recommend it.

    Global Garden: Also one of my favourites, a girl with mysterious powers decides for the sake of her mentally-ill mother to become a boy, until a strange man Hikaru barges into her life with very surprising revelations about who she is...and how her fate is linked to the one of the entire planet!

    Reimei no Arcana: Also a good shoujo manga about a rejected princess determined to change the fate of her country. While she is at first forced to marry the prince of the neighbouring country, the circumstances change and she starts developing a strange power allowing her to see - and so change - the future. A good read.

    Otoyomegarati - Bride Stories: I LOVE this mange: Gorgeous art, full of details, great characters and a beautiful insight into the lives of Mongollians (I think they are at least) around the beginning of the 19th century. Don't miss it!

    Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki: A good read, set in medieval Japan. It's mostly about spirits, an evil sorceress, and two young people's struggle to bring peace to the world. It's a great insight into Japan's old tales and traditions since the author researched the subject extensively. The only think I think is a shame is the fact that there's only 5 volumes (thankfully there's a sequel :))

    Kanata Kara - From far away: Girl gets dumped in a fantasy world and has to cope with many changes, including learning completely new customs and a new language... and hide from all the local rulers who are looking for her as the "awakening", the one who will be able to awaken the sky demon to rule the world...

    Kuroshitsuji- Black Butler: also a classic, and I enjoy the read! :)

    Black Bird: Great shoujo manga, beautiful art. I have some criticism as well but since it involves spoilers I won't write it here ;).

    Alice 19th: Girl discovers the power of words. A nice manga I really loved as a teenager

    Anatolia Story: Yuri, a Japanese teenager, finds herself sent back to ancient Anatolia (Turkey), about 4000 years in the past. While she tries to escape the many plans of the queen to kill her, she discovers the unexpected ressources within her. I loved Anatolia Story. Not only is the setting (Beautiful Anatolia with its landscapes, culture, clothing...) very refreshing, there is also a gorgeous love story and a touch of smut. One of my all-time favourites.

    Cat Street: Interesting Manga, in which Reiko, a former child actress who lost all her self esteem after freezing on stage when she was 9, discovers a "free school" where students are accepted as they are and given the opportunity to heal from their scars with no judgement. Worth the read!
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