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Angelic Scanlations

Name: Angelic Scanlations
Website: http://www.angelicscans.net
Description: Ok so we are a Scanlation Group that mainly Scanlate Chinese Manhuas'! We will also be doing some Japanese Mangas' but they will not be as prominent. We are closely knitted group that invites anyone to join, experienced or not. The name is not orignial as I chose this name so that we can be direct opposites to Demonic Scans.

For more information, visit us on our website www.angelicscans.co | or join us on IRC #angels@irc.irchighway.net
Delay: 24 Hours

Comics by Group

Baby Steps Baby Steps
Kachiki Hikaru/Kachiki Hikaru
Coiling Dragon Coiling Dragon
I Eat Tomatoes/Tong Yi Ming
Demon Sky Chronicles Demon Sky Chronicles
Lèm? N Magazine/Lèm? N Magazine
Edens Game Edens Game
Migu/Chen Xi
Jade Pill [Yu Dan] Jade Pill [Yu Dan]
纵横盏琉璃 (not sure)/贴吧楼委会 (Not Sure)
Lord Xue Ying Lord Xue Ying
Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi/
Ninja Slayer - Kills [Setsu] Ninja Slayer - Kills [Setsu]
Bradley Bond/SEKINE Koutarou
Perfect World Perfect World
Chen Dong/Wéi Li Ruò Ming
School Beauty's Personal Master School Beauty's Personal Master
Yú Rén èr D� i/Hehe
Sheng Wang Sheng Wang
Meng Ru Shen Ji/Da Bao Bao
The Beast The Beast
Three Episode Hero Three Episode Hero
Generation King/HypocriticalAsOdin & Youma
Yagate Maken no Alicebell Yagate Maken no Alicebell
AKAMATSU Chuugaku/TAKINO Daisuke
Yong Heng Zhi Zun Yong Heng Zhi Zun
Jian You Tai Xu (Roaming Sword of Great Destruction)/Fengren Dongman
Zhan Long Zhan Long
Shi Luo Ye/A Fei & Lin Jie

Latest Updates

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Waited since the last update of "Legend of Immortals [Stellar Transformation]" will there be new updates?

Angelic scans, thank you for your hard work. I enjoy Baby Steps. 

Warning; angelic scans looks like its been hacked; or was just removed, cause now the link redirects to a list of NSFW sites.

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