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http://chickenscrat.ch 0

~ Crimson Scans ~

http://crimsonscans.blogspot.com.br/ Capà tulos de Montão Para Vocês! 0


Kelompok yang beranggotakan satu orang dengan Photoshop dan waktu luang. Project utama buat sekar... 0

Curry Farmer



We translate manga. 0

Cidsa's Scanlations

http://cidsas-scans.livejournal.com/ defunct

Crashed Tea Party

Three witches. One tea room. Broken porcelain. A Japanese-English dictionary from 1913. 4 hours

Chief Cough

I just scanlate stuff on my own. 0

Canard Scantrad

http://www.canardscantrad.blogspot.com.br/ Brazilian Scan 0

Claim Solais

http://utsuhofanboy24000.deviantart.com/ Russian to English translation group 0

Crossbreed Scans

http://crossbreedscans.com/ 0

CJ Sugar

http://cocojsugar.tumblr.com/ 0

Comic Space

http://www.comicspace.com.br/ A Comic Space traduz e edita sem fins lucrativos séries de quadrinhos para o publico em geral e p... 0

Cheesy Scans

http://cheesyscans.blogspot.com/ A scanlation group with random release date~Any help will be appreciated, especially with Korean... 0


solo scanlator 0

C√°psula Cero (CP-0)

http://ans-cpsulacero.blogspot.com.es/ Fansub espa√Īol, especializado en manhwas y webtoons. Tambi√©n encontrar√©is alg√ļn que otro manga o... 0

Caek Co

https://www.patreon.com/caek?ty=h "More follows, more chapters, more Caek."A one person scanlation group. If you like my wo... No licensed

Cheshire's Lair fansub

Fansub dedicado a la traducción de los mangas Bloody+Mary de Samamiya Akaza, Makai Ouji ~ Devils... 0

Cassiopée Scantrad

https://cassiopeescantrad.wordpress.com/ French team of scantrad.

Team de scantrad française, tout genre confondu.


https://www.facebook.com/Cerberus-Fansub-975999955792227/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel none 0


https://www.facebook.com/cansadoDeEsperarNoFansub/ :D 0


We bear your Style - We find your Smile


https://jaeboj.wordpress.com/ Camellia is a Vietnamese Translation Group that specializes in scanlating all types of boys love... 0


for all ur menga's needs xD 0

Ceviri Mendokusai


Crash Mania

http://www.crashmania.net/ 0

Christophe Bruchansky

http://bruchansky.name/omniscience/ Author 0

Curry Translations

Well this is supposed to have something in it sooo.....We are just beginners doing our own thing... Only spicycurrysauce

Calv No Fansub

http://calvnofansub.blogspot.es Pueeeees un grupo de 1 persona traduciendo porque se aburre, fin 0

Copy & Paste Scanlation




Chuu Chuu Train

Dead group 0


http://claimasoulcsfansub.forumcommunity.net/ 0


http://claimasoulcsfansub.forumcommunity.net/ http://claimasoulcsfansub.forumcommunity.net/ 0

Café con IRST

http://cafeconirst.com Formerly known as "Café con Lenin" and "IRSTLand"~ 0

Circus Scanlation

http://circus-fansub.forumactif.org/ French fansub and scanlation team ! 0

Chocolate Cookie

https://chocolatecookienofansub.wordpress.com/ Fansub dedicado a traducir mangas priorizando la calidad ante la cantidad.Se recluta personal par... 0


soy colombianoo 0

Colombia Otaku Scans

http://cotakuscans.blogspot.com Desde Colombia les traemos las mejores traducciones y ediciones de sus series favoritas. 24


http://webchat.irchighway.net/?channels=pocketloli I ar elliturate.For those looking to download, head over to #onetime or #pocketloli on IRCHighway... 0


http://www.carmisama.blogfree.net Creato per far conoscere i manga inediti in italia. 0


http://bato.to/forums/user/138987-creitrod/ 0

Chocolate Kisses

http://otakumole.ch/?page=user&user=13251 An independent scanlator. 0




https://www.facebook.com/cutemonstertraducciones Traduzco cosas por el bien de la humanidad.La traducción y la edición de los mangas son mias, nad... 0

C1V1 Scans

http://c1v1scans.blogspot.com Mangas everywhere 0


http://comicvn.net/ 0


http://onlytrust5.blogspot.co.uk/# Camellia is a Vietnamese group that specializes in scanlating all types of boys love manga. We wo... 1


http://catscanlations.tumblr.com/ Two friends who will probably not translate a whole lot of manga. 0


https://cirno9baka.wordpress.com We're a nice little group, working on the following manga:>Custom Maid>Demi-chan wa K... 0

Search Batoto

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