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https://www.facebook.com/TypeMoonDeadlySmile 1


http://damos.co.nr/ Inactive Group

D.O.T. Original Banana King Co.

All the original Banana King Company works from the full crew of D.O.T. For more of our content c... Zero

Da Gurlz Translationz

http://dgt.glowie.com/ Inactive Group


http://da-scan.blogspot.com/ http://da-forums.info/



daddy why did you eat my fries

i bought them and they were mine..bangtantrash is responsible for everything... but i would do it... None

Daga Kotowaru

"Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 8 - Jojolion" speed scanlations, mostly.


Dai San Gen



https://www.facebook.com/AomineUnstoppableScorer Visita mi firma: https://www.facebook.com/AomineUnstoppableScorer 0

Daidokoro Scans


Daifuku Scantrad

https://daifukuscantrad.wixsite.com/daifukuscantrad The Daifuku team is a French team of scanlation. We want to do a lot of styles of projects, so ou... 0

Daikomori Scantrad

http://daikiscantrad.wordpress.com/ DKS - French Scanlation Team.Daikomori Scantrad, more than a team, a community.Facebook: http://w...

Daisuki Scans Manga4indo

http://ds-scans.blogspot.com/ Daisuki Scans - Indonesian Manga Scanlations And Translations 24

DakrScorpions FanSub





http://dammetruyen.com/ 0

Damn Feels!

http://damn-feels.com/ A moody scanlation-combi originally formed to scanlate Hirunaka no Ryuusei. Now meandering along... 0



Dandellion Eternal No Fansub

https://www.facebook.com/DandellionEternal/ Dedicado a la traducción de mangas/manhwas al español. Buscando miembros activos No robar ediciones hechas por nosotros

Dangerous no Fansub


Dangerous Pleasure

http://dpscanlations.deathsvertigo.com/ Does Boys Love(Yaoi and Shounen-ai) only.

Dango Scanlations


Dangoline no Fansub

http://dangolinenofansub.com/ Traducción de Manga al español. [Activo] 0


http://dangostyle.forumfree.it Lovin' manga is never enough!


https://twitter.com/daniellautweets Crime and Punishment is allowed, confirmed March 1st on his Twitter.





DaraDara Scanlations

http://liliy.net/daradara/ Inactive

Darii Translations

https://dariitranslationsfandom.wordpress.com/ Currently there's only me, Yasumi Todaka translating.Anyone who would like to proofread pleas... 0

Dark bullet Fansub


Dark Fansub


Dark Abyss

http://abyss.dark-matrix.net/ Yup yup... We're just a small laid back scanlation group who have nothing better to do... Als...

Dark Angels Group

http://darkangelsgroup.com Vietnamese Manga Translation Group 1 chapter

Dark Atem No Fansub

https://www.facebook.com/DarkAtemNoFansub Un Fansub con excelente calidad, podrás encontrar anime y manga con la mejor calidad en traducció... 0

Dark black fansub


Dark Crow

http://darkcrowscantrad.blogspot.fr/ 0

Dark Desires

http://darkdesiresscan.blogspot.com 0

Dark Dragon Scans

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Manganimed/348847111885459 3

Dark Forest Scans

https://darkforestscans.tumblr.com/ A group formed in 2015 that mostly focuses on little-known manga. 0

Dark Knights


Dark Moon no Fansub

https://darkmoonnofansub.blogspot.com 0

Dark Murmur

http://darkmurmur.com/ Dead group.

Dark Necter

We do stuff with images 0

Dark Paradise Fansub

http://darkparadisef.wordpress.com/ 0

Dark Paradise K

http://thedarkparadiseofk.blogspot.mx/ ¡Hola, aqu K!
Visita mi página, podrás encontras mangas, manhwas, cine, libros y más.
Don't Upload

Dark Shadow Group


Dark Snow


Dark Star no Fansub

http://darkstarnofansub.com/ Scanlation en español

Dark Stixx Scan

https://www.facebook.com/darkstixx/ Somos un scan dedicado a traducir manhwas, mangas. 0

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