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Name: Enzan-sekiManga
Website: http://enzan-seki.blogspot.com/
Description: Enzan-Seki Manga. A new manga scanlator group.

The reason we made this group was to get the manga Pumpkin Scissors that was abandoned by it's English manga company up on manga sites for it's readers. This group will also be for any mangas that other groups just dropped, but you have to tell us that you want us to pick it up by a request. Also, if you are doing that, you should consider joining the group.
If you can translate Japanese to English, Chinese to English, Korean to English or have Adobe Photoshop or you can proofread things than you should join so we can get the manga to the readers. If you want to If you are interested: Please mail me at: Bead_dakota@yahoo.com Thanks.
Delay: 24 hours

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