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Ghosty Scanlations

Name: Ghosty Scanlations
Website: http://www.ghostyscanlations.weebly.com
Description: A group that does drama, romance, and shoujo/sunjeong Korean webtoons, with school life, daily life, historical, and other genres. Be sure to visit us at our website to read chaptesr 24 hours earlier.
Delay: 24 hours

Comics by Group

Ghost Wife Ghost Wife
Lovely Bokhee-ssi Lovely Bokhee-ssi
Kim Injung/Kim Injung
Perfect Honeymoon Perfect Honeymoon
Hua-ryu Dongpung/Yaet Saram
Susu, Han Susu, Han

Latest Updates

  Title Group Date

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Hi! Ghosty Scanlations we are Calmly Look Fansub. We want to ask your permisson to retranslate "Perfect Honeymoon" and "The Moon that Rises in the Day" into spanish. All the credits will be for you and we would be very happy to have your permission ❤️ Thank you so much and I'll be waiting for your answer.

Thanks for the hard work! Ghost Wife is really interesting!

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